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World Polio Day is October 24

We are making great progress towards eradicating polio, however recent news reminds us that polio anywhere is a threat everywhere. Polio is being detected around the world in places where it hasn’t been found in decades. 
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Attention Century Riders

Attention Century Riders: We’ve added an actual Route that combines the Long West and Long East to create a Century Route.  Previously, riders had to ride 2 routes to get their Century – No More
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Northfield Rotary Bike Tour is helping to ensure safety.  

2021 COVID Health and Safety Protocols
Northfield Rotary Bike Tour is taking simple, practical and effective precautions 
  • All participating Volunteers are required to have been vaccinated.
  • All Volunteers are required to wear masks while indoors, and while participating in the registration process, or while within 10 feet of others when outdoors.
  • All Registrants for the event will be requested to wear a mask while in the registration area or interacting with Volunteers.
  • All Volunteers and Registrants must sign the COVID waiver
  • Masks will be required indoors. Masks will be made available.
  • Prior to the event, we may update these guidelines and up to within 3 days of the event reconsider having the event altogether, based on current recommendations by CDC, MDH, or other local entities (like our local school district). If the event is cancelled due to COVID, tickets will be refunded
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    Bike Tour Routes for 2021

    The 2021 Northfield Bike Tour routes and links! 

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    Security and Integrity of Your Data

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    ClubRunner secures all your private information using the latest security technologies. Hosted in a world class data centre with redundant power, Internet backbones and 24/7 security and monitoring, you can rest assured that your club data is safe and protected. Your members' contact information is secured behind unique logins and passwords. Access to information is also restricted, for example, a member can only view the list of members, but can modify his or her own personal information.

    Data on the server is protected by TCP/IP filtering, firewall and anti-virus software that protect against any unauthorized intrusion. Backups of data are made daily and stored off-site.

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