2019 Youth Exchange Class

We are accepting applications for outbound exchange students for the 2022-2023 academic year. The deadline for applications is December 3, 2021.

Please check back often as we evaluate the changing international conditions surrounding COVID19.
Watch for updates as they become available.

Please contact our Youth Exchange Officer, Jesse Steed, with questions at 507-301-6785.
Read more about youth exchange in our region at https://nayen.org/ and http://northstaryouthexchange.com/
Read about youth exchange on Rotary International's website https://www.rotary.org/en/our-programs/youth-exchanges

Youth Exchange

The Rotary Club of Northfield has had a dynamic and healthy Youth Exchange program since 1969. We are proud of our students and in the way that this community has supported them. We are firm believers that we are changing lives and creating world peace through this wonderful program.

We look forward to sending more 15-19 year olds in the future and being hosts to students from around the world that come to live with us. 

Program Information 

Spending time abroad with Rotary Youth Exchange is a once in a lifetime experience. Your exchange will encompass different phases that will give you opportunities to grow in new ways and experience a new culture and ideas.

Here is a great story about how lives are changed through Rotary Youth Exchange, Your Passport to Adventure.

The purpose of the Rotary Youth Exchange program is to provide secondary school students with the opportunity to travel abroad, live with a host family, and experience life firsthand in a different country, school, and social environment. Exchange students will gain lifelong advantages through an expanded world view and greater appreciation of the world.

For more information, read A Primer for Exchange Students on the Central States Rotary Youth Exchange site.

Countries and Age Requirements

North Star District (Rotary District 5950/5960) Youth Exchange of Southern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin currently exchanges with many different countries around the world. No matter what your tastes or interests, we probably have a country that will work for you.

Listed on the North Star website are the countries (subject to change) with which we exchange. Some countries have age restrictions.. No candidate who will become 19 years of age on or prior to a country’s anticipated departure date will be considered. (Note: the receiving country has the option to determine the approximate departure date. Most students depart in July or August.)

Northfield's History of Inbounds & Outbounds

  • Lupema Celis-Castillo, Italy
  • Celine Falcon-Geist, France
  • Christopher Frago, Japan,
  • Brian Goodell, Taiwan
  • Rachel Jaranson, France
  • Grace Muth, Indonesia
  • Audrey Pagel, Sweden
  • Keely Spens, Mexico
  • Ariana Vermilyea, Sweden
Inbounds and Host Families:
Diogo Furquim (Brazil)
  • Sara and Ken Pratt
  • Kirsten and Jeffrey Gunn
  • Rachel McIver Morey and Jerad Morey
Mark Priszler (Hungary)
  • Sara and Matthew Forster
  • Corrine Smith
  • Brent and Jenny Nystrom
Sophie Ruehlmann (Germany)
  • Brent and Amy Klein
  • Andrei and Wendy Sivanich
  • Nancy and Brad Kmoch
Araceli (Ara) Ruiz Gonzalez (Paraguay)
  • Greg Allen and Shannon Lau
  • Kristin and Brent Kivell
  • Jennifer and Zachery Pelletier
Oliver Vopalecky  (Slovakia)
  • Sarah and Roger Kelm
  • Julie and Bob Sullivan
Kopano Tsambalagwa (Zimbabwe)
  • Sidney and Martha Kasper
  • Sheryl and Dan Kasper
  • Paul and Susie Beaumaster
  • Anel Barojas Velazquez, Japan
  • Erin Gunn, Brazil
  • Paul Hanifl, Japan,
  • Elsa Hoff, Spain
  • Andre Ischler Simonet, Spain
  • Elsa Kasten, Czech Republic/ Slovakia
  • Rachel Leonard, Brazil
  • Athziri Marcial Rodriguez, Brazil
  • Samuel Pratt, Italy
  • Julia Radtke, Norway
  • Lezly Rosas Marcial, Italy
  • Armando Valdez, Taiwan
Inbounds and Host Families:
Elise Marillet, (France)
  • Cathy and David Oehmke
  • Todd and Ellen Iverson
  • Amy Haslett-Marroquin and Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin
Sitty Fitriany “Itty”, (Indonesia)
  • Mark Heiman and Laura Heiman
  • Amy Boxrud and Doug Bratland
  • Amy Goerwitz and Richard Goerwitz
Pedro Gomes do Nascimento “Pepe” (Brazil)
  • Greg Allen and Shannon Lau
  • Michelle Drenth and KevinvWard
  • Che Regnier and Nikki Regnier
Simone Gaetani “Simon”, (Italy)
  • Adrienne Falcon and David Geist
  • Martin and Shana Hodel
  • Amy and Saul McBroom
Tuomas Kallioniemi, (Finland)
  • Susan and Mike Puppe
  • Sarah Carlsen and Brad Hoff
  • Brent and Jenny Nystrom
Yuyu Ose, (Japan)
  • Lizzie Lathrop and David Lefkowitz
  • G and Susie Beaumaster
  • Susan Marsh               
  • William Balaam, Spain
  • Jariya Goerwitz, Thailand
  • Luke Hahn, Japan
  • Cullen Hauck, Sweden
  • Henry Hillemann, Zimbabwe
  • Julia Hodel, Austria
  • Siri Hoff, Italy
  • Trevor Lauseng, Brazil
  • Emmett Lefkowitz, Taiwan
  • Aaron Lopez-Evje, Brazil
  • Kuchceang Mangok, Argentina
  • Jessica Olson, Ecuador
  • Nora Puppe, Faroe Islands
  • Rayanah Richmond, Brazil
  • Jeniffer Rosas Bermudez, Argentina
Inbounds and Host Families:
Pau Gordillo Ortemberg, (Spain)
  • Susie and Paul Beaumaster
  • Jerad Morey and Rachel McIver Morey
  • Rick and Kris Estenson
Supisara Jivavitoonkit “Amy”, (Thailand)
  • Mike and Ann Leming
  • Daniel and Kristin Hummel
  • Jennifer and Zachery Pelletier
Kengo Osumi, (Japan)
  • Benjamin and Jill Fisher
  • J.D. and Katy Schuerman
  • Penny Hillemann and David Keyes
Beatriz Rebello “Bia” (Brazil)
  • Andrea and Bryan Hoff
  • Mari and Bo Aylin
  • Kristi and Tony Huettl
Hye Gyo Shin “Sera” (S. Korea)
  • Lee and Vicki Dilley
  • Cindy and Jeff Kreis
  • Kris Sharp and Jeff Dykema
  • Madison Asp, Finland
  • Joan Erickson, Argentina
  • Anika Fisher, S. Africa
  • Bergen Hoff, Czech Rep/ Slovakia
  • Emma Iverson, Spain
  • Alex Kovach, Japan
  • Joseph Kreis, Italy
  • Benjamin Mohlke, Brazil
  • Piper Nelson, Germany
  • Jenna Olien, South Korea
  • Jack Overstreet, Brazil
  • Gregory Pelletier, Argentina
  • Espen Richardson, Norway
  • Elizabeth Schuerman, Denmark
  • Allison Weise, Thailand
Inbounds and Host Families:
Brando Suarez Toloza “Nico” (Colombia)
  • Chris Sullivan and Dan Kelley
  • Kristin Lucas
  • Heather and Davide Kuehl
Wanzita Ally “Leila” (Tanzania)
  • Jenny and Brent Nystrom
  • Susan and Paul Beaumaster
  • Sarah and David Beimers
Byeonghoon Kwun “Eric” (S. Korea)
  • Amy and Brent Klein
  • Eric Littles and John Hosterman
  • Marla and Alan Erickson
Kuang-Shen Chien “Daniel” (Taiwan)
  • Nancy and Steve Braker
  • Kathleen and Jeremy Schuerman
  • Jacqueline and Tracy Nelson
Emma Nielsen, (Denmark)
  • Kathleen and Stephen Brinton
  • Ellen and Todd Iverson
  • Leanne and Timothy Noble
Matteo Lombardo (Italy)
  • Wendy and Andrei Sivanich
  • Scott and Elaine Nesbitt
  • Andrea and Bryan Hoff
  • Sage Brinton, Argentina
  • Caroline Hummel, Norway
  • Noah Klein, S. Korea
  • Jane Ludwig, Colombia
  • Yizel Marcial, Germany
  • Daiki Nishioka, Taiwan
  • Liliana Noble, Italy
  • Emma Prichard, Taiwan
  • Nathaniel Urke, Brazil
Inbounds and Host Families:
Nicole Blaires Cohler (Paraguay)
  • Julie and Paul Thornton
  • Margaret and Michael Ludwig
  • Mary and Daniel Magnuson
Carson Hao-Hsuan Hsia (Taiwan)
  • Sian and Gary Muir
  • Shana and Martin Hodel
  • Keiko Nishioka and William Bridges
Jose Martinez Maza (Mexico)
  • Wendy and Andrei Sivanich
  • Anna O'Donnell and Kyle Eastman
  • Henry Beimers, Norway
  • William Beimers, Brazil
  • Samuel Carlson, Argentina
  • Gabriella Estrada, France
  • Erin Hahn, Thailand
  • Christoph Hodel, Indonesia
  • Caitlin Kelley, Chile
  • Jack Lunderby, Brazil
  • Erik Mandsager, Zimbabwe
  • Odalys Martinez, Japan
  • Mason Muir, Taiwan
  • Josiah Olson, Colombia
  • Eli Regnier, Brazil
  • Leslie Rodriguez-Vazquez, Brazil
  • Jenna Scheffert, Italy
  • Zoe Seitz, Denmark
  • AhnaCole Washburn Chapman, South Africa
  • Jessica Woitalla, Brazil
Inbounds and Host Families:
Philipy De Oliveira Pena Lopes (Brazil)
  • Shari and David Holman
  • Erica and Stephan Zweifel
  • Amy and Paul Lunderby
Marcelo Lecaros (Peru)
  • Carolyn Link and Peter Carlson
  • Laura and Mark Heiman
  • Karen and Cameron Davidson
Giulia Mercanti (Italy)
  • Julie and Paul Thornton
  • Shana and Martin Hodel
  • Julie Anderson
Lydia Sólheim (Faroe Islands)
  • Wendy and Andrei Sivanich
  • Karen and Robert Anderson
  • Nancy and Steve Braker
  • Amelia Tjaden, Denmark
  • Bethany Jewison, Brazil
  • Danica Simonet, India
  • Gaby Munoz, Argentina
  • Gail Rosario, Norway
  • Giselle Tisdale, Italy
  • Johnathan Van Roekel, Czech Republic
  • Katelyn Holman, Indonesia
  • Lila Weaver, Brazil
  • Maddie Guyott, Peru
  • Steven Taylor, Czech Republic
Inbounds and Host Families:
Lucas Coelho (Brazil)
  • Paul and Julie Thornton
  • Bill and Janine Nelson
  • Marshall and Carla Hansen
Gunho Park (South Korea)
  • Wendy and Andrei Sivanich
  • Peggy and Kevin Fink
  • John Otto and Nancy Amermann
Rodolfo Ramirez (Chile)
  • Tiffany and Erik Nelson
  • Christopher Ludewig and Tammy McDonough
  • Katy and Joe Hargis
Yoshino Tokigawa (Japan)
  • Wendell Arneson and Beth Christianson
  • Anastasia and Mike Balfany
  • Steve and Nancy Braker
  • Anika Hodel, Italy
  • Connor Balfany, Japan,
  • Conrad Christensen, Finland
  • Elise Hansen, Brazil
  • Frances Seitz, Italy
  • Frank Meyer, Thailand
  • Hannah Morris, Switzerland
  • Henry Jokela, Indonesia
  • Jacob Lundell, Croatia
  • Jamie Herman, Spain
  • Katherine Sivanich, Faroe Islands
  • Logan Regnier, Japan
  • Mari Arneson, Germany
  • Nikita Orndorff, Chile
  • Olivia Paulsen, Brazil
  • Savannah Bird, Brazil (sponsored by Lakeville)
  • Wesley Braker, Japan
  • William Marroquin-Haslett, Belgium (sponsored by Faribault)
  • Zoe Webb, Taiwan
Inbounds and Host Families:
Adnan Mansjur (Indonesia)
  • Theresa and Mark Duchene
  • Paul and Susie Beaumaster
  • Juliette and Daniel Sayner
Carolina Riofrio (Ecuador)
  • Tom and Meghan Durkin
Tom and Megan Durkin
  • Cindy Wang (Taiwan)
  • Rich and Virginia Lorang
  • Kari Nelson and Steve Meyer
  • John and Susan Sinning
Mizuki Oeda (Japan)
  • Bill and Janine Nelson
  • Kari and John Duba
  • Lael and Mona Weselmann
Rachael Dawson (India)
  • Mike and Melisaa Berthelson
  • Melissa and Paul Ousley
  • Marilyn and Tim Hanson
  • Abby Valinski, Colombia
  • Annika Hanson, Brazil
  • Avery Nelson, Brazil
  • Calina Hall, South Korea
  • Connor Rohwer, Taiwan
  • Cyrette Saunier, Brazil
  • Eduardo Jaramillo, Taiwan
  • Erik Berthelsen, India
  • Evan Weselmann, Japan
  • Karrah Nelson, Chile
  • Kiana Asada, Japan
  • Maggie Miland, France
  • Mats Hanson, Italy
  • Rachel Crippen, Austria
  • Sofie Scheuerman, Argentina
  • Theo Hofrenning, Ecuador
Inbounds and Host Families:
Aishwarya Gokhale (India)
  • Mike and Mary Mitchell
  • John and Cathy Smestad
  • Candy and Cliff Taylor
Camilo Zuluaga (Colombia)
  • Russ and Karna Halverson
  • Kari Meyer and Steve Nelson
  • Paul and Jana Carlson-Donohoe
Nichapat Tishyhadigama (Thailand)
  • Clara and Rob Hardy
  • Clarice and James Grabau
  • Deanna Haunsperger and Stephen Kennedy
Felicia Speychal (Sweden)
  • Ellen and Tom Roster
  • Angela and Bob Dobrow
  • Becky Wagner and Dan Forsythe
  • Marshall and Carla Hansen
Leo Fanton (Brazil)
  • Tim and Marilyn Hansen
 Mathilde Mortenson (Denmark)
  • Tim and Patty Geary
  • Dave and Pat Van Wylen
  • Jim and Jody Lundell
  • Jacob Sinning, Brazil
  • Catherine Lewis, Brazil
  • Danny Dobrow, Denmark
  • Rachel Amermann, Ecuador
  • Irene Duba, Ecuador
  • Grayce McGregor, Finland
  • Elisha McLaughlin, Finland
  • Laura Bashor, France
  • Zach Mitchell, Germany
  • Andrea Willgohs, Indonesia
  • Catherine Carlson, Italy
  • Daniel Martinson, Italy
  • Soren Carlson Donohoe, Spain
  • Amelia Ousley, S. Africa
  • Peter Davidson, Sweden
  • Kristi Rasmussen, Sweden
Inbounds and Host Families:
Marion Arpin (France)
  • Jodi and Jim Lundell
  • Craig and Cheryl Hall
  • Karna and Russ Halverson
 Miguel Sales Lima de Carvalho (Brazil)
  • Hank and Jane Tetrault
  • Cindy and Barry Carlson
  • Melissa and Paul Ousley
 Nikolaj Svendson (Denmark)
  • Cameron and Karen Davidson
  • Mike and Kelly Scheuerman
  • Carla and Marshall Hansen
  Philippa Wenzl (Germany)
  • Elaine and Scott Nesbit
  • Tim and Marilyn Hansen
  • Jeff and Chris Dykema
 Tatiana Almoguera Rodriguez (Spain)
  • Becky Bennedict and Gary Miessler
  • Cindy and Marc Robinson
  • Clarice and James Grabau
  • Natalie Witschorik, Lithuania
  • Elizabeth West, Austria
  • Martha Sudermann, Sweden
  • Heidi Strike, Denmark
  • Christina Nesbit, Italy
  • Raena Mueller-Dahl, India
  • Ted Meyer, India
  • Sara Jarmillo, Italy
  • Will Hardy, Thailand
  • Maria Estenson, Argentina
  • Aletha Duchene, Brazil
  • Carly Davidson, Brazil
  • Beret Amundson, Brazil
  • Christina Schlossin, Ecuador
  • Gage Dykema, Sweden
Inbounds and Host Families:
Roberto Pedros Bretos (Spain)
  • Pat and Dawn O’Neil
  • Beth and Blake Abdella
Luisa Tiexiera de Paula (Brazil)
  • Kelly and Mike Scheuerman
  • Mike and Michelle Murphy
  • Shari and George Acosta
  • Daniella Espinoza, South Africa
  • Hattie Ryan, Brazil
  • Lauren Reed, Finland
  • McKenzie O’Connell, Germany
  • Samantha Weaver, Spain
  • Rachel Stets, Czech Republic
  • Sam Estenson, Japan
  • Monica Cooper, Thailand
  • Sofie Jokela, Italy
  • Ruth Amerman, Lithuania
Inbounds and Host Families:
Ryota Kimura (Japan)
  • Rob and Patricia Martin
  • Mark and Diana Abbott
  • Kris and Rick Estenson
Pablo Maldonado (Ecuador)
  • Lee and Vicki Dilley
  • Kay and Kevin O’Connell
  • Mary Loven and Tom Holt
Elissa Skytte (Denmark)
  • Hank and Jane Tetrault
  • Anne and Dave Brust
  • Tom and Megan Durkin
Matheus Mattos (Brazil)
  • Tony and Kristy Huettl
  • Mark and Susan Quinnell
  • Candy and Cliff Taylor
  • Ethan Neal, Bolivia
  • Greta Klawiter, Brazil
  • Jessica Klimisch, Argentina
  • Breanna Tetrault, Poland
  • Sam Studer, Slovakia
  • Naomi Miessler, Lithuania
  • Michael Goodwin, Taiwan
  • Margy Shuster, Germany
Inbounds and Host Families:
Katrin Holl (Austria)
  • Craig and Cheryl Hall        
  • Greg and Vicki Langer
  • Nan Just and Brent Betterly           
  • Greg and Angie Kleese
Pauline Pedussel (France)
  • Vicki and Lee Dilley            
  • Natalie and Keith Johnson
  • Becky Bennedict and Gary Miessler
Javier Arevalo (Ecuador)
  • Randy Jennings and Mary Griep
  • Candy and Cliff Taylor
  • Mark and Susan Quinnell
  • Zane Anway, Bolivia
  • Tyler Martinson, Sweden
  • Caila Hall, Germany
  • Felicia Hansell, Thailand
  • Jonathan Een Newton, Brazil
  • Daniel Lohmann, Brazil
  • Jenna Huberg, India
  • Rebecca Langer, Slovakia
Inbounds and Host Families:
Daniel Auza (Bolivia)
  • Mark and Kathy Mellstrom
  • Pat and Dawn O’Neill
  • Blake and Beth Abdella
Agnes Mallieke (Germany)
  • Anthony and Janice Roberts
  • Ross and Sarah Currie
  • Thomas and Anndora Barvir
Laura Putnina (Latvia)
  • Bill Bruihler and Ruth Anne Rasmusson
  • Mark and Dianna Abbott
  • Gary and Valerie Bollinger
  • Emily Quinnell, Brazil
  • Regan O’Neill Austria
  • Linnea Johnson, Brazil
  • Tom Launer, France
  • Matt Taylor, Bolivia
  • Mia Daughenbaugh, Ecuador
  • Sierra Martin, Chile
Inbounds and Host Families:
Geri Ruilowa (Bolivia)
  • Kurt and Barbara Anderson
  • Terry and Linda Barck
  • Cliff and Candy Taylor
Nozomi Hansawa (Japan)
  • Cliff and Candy Taylor
  • Brian and Terri Harmelink
  • Richard Brown and Susan Dunhampt
Kirsty Greenwood (S. Africa)
  • Mark Gleason and Kristi Wermager
  • Vicki and Lee Dilley
  • Laurie and John Larson
  • Signe Anderson, Costa Rica
  • Nathan Marks, Brazil
  • Carol Thompson, Russia
  • Virginia Townsend, Turkey
  • Alex Ludescher, Venezuela
  • Emily Larson, S. Africa
  • John Witt, Bolivia
  • Leanne Barck, Brazil
Inbounds and Host Families:
Camilla Baldasso (Brazil)
  • Mark and Susan Quinnell
  • Randy Jennings and Mary Griep
  • Cliff and Candy Taylor
Anne Sofie Barbier (France)
  • John Barbour and Meg Ojala Barbour
  • Dennis and Jane Rinehart
  • Kari Sobeck
  • Terrance and Jean Wakely
Filippe Coutinho (Brazil)
  • Lee and Vicki Dilley
  • Mark and Diana Abbott
  • Alan and Lynette Marks
  • Andrea Wakely, Poland
  • Larissa Bazan, Poland
  • Meredith Fredrick, Mexico
  • Meg Neuville, Argentina
  • Daniel Rinehart Turkey
  • Sherry Thompson, Japan
  • Kelly Wickman Ecuador
  • Chloe Wardrapper, India
Inbounds and Host Families:
Claudia Novoa (Chile)
  • Kristi Wermager and Mark Gleason 
  • Vicki and Lee Dilley
  • Mark and Diana Abbott
Kozue Yamada (Japan)
  • Norm Butler and Diane Burry
  • Valerie and Gary Bollinger
  • Mike Flynn and Angelique Deitz
  • Zander Abbott, Brazil
  • Tim Bollinger, Brazil
  • Emily Carpentier, India
  • Riana Dilley, Chile
  • Sarah White, Ecuador
  • Tom Niemisto, Poland
  • Alwyne Butler, Thailand
  • Karl Gleason, Paraguay
  • Graham Ojala-Barbour, India
  • Chris Irwin, Finland
Inbounds and Host Families:
Bruno Garcia (Spain)
  • Mark and Kathy Mellstrom
  • Stephen and Leona Openshaw
  • Gary and Susan Singer
Sourabah Manjrekar (India)
  • Joan and Carl Behr
  • Tom and Marilyn Neuville
  • Paul and Elinor Niemisto
  • Sarah Ann Mellstrom, Austria
  • Jessica Singer, France
  • Sarajane Stevens, Germany
  • Elizabeth Norton, New Zealand
  • Olivia Openshaw, Paraguay
  • Alex Robbins, Turkey
Inbounds and Host Families:
Diana Urena (Dominican Republic)
  • Rick and Kris Estenson
  • Greg and Nancy Carlson
  • Paul Thiboutot and Diana Postlethwaite
Visun Saipinmalee (Thailand)
  • Mark and Connie Albers
  • Robert and Sarah Entenmann
  • Paul and Elinor Neimisto
  • Kristen Jacobsen, Japan
  • Rachel Brown, Finland
  • Maureen Ovans, Belgium
  • Kysa Fredrickson, Brazil
Inbounds and Host Families:
Ole Sonderby (Denmark)
  • Rick and Kris Estenson
  • John and Gretchen Ehresmann
  • Clay and Mary Lynn Oglesbee
Manayo Ogyu (Japan)
  • Stan and Jan Stevens
  • Lee and Vicki Dilley
  • Rob and Patricia Martin
Fabiola Grande (Paraguay)
  • Michael and Sheila Foote
  • David and Linda Hellmich
  • Jim and Sue Schlichting
  • Phillip Ehresmann, Ecuador
  • Annie Lien, Czech Republic
  • Andrew Lum, France
  • Sarah Martin, Bolivia
  • Lucy Thiboutot, Senegal
  • Marta Ruohoniemi, Brazil
  • Leah Entenmann, Taiwan
Inbounds and Host Families:
Christelle Sitti (Senegal)
  • Stan and Jan Stevens
  • Marty Marzoff and Mary Hardy
  • Paul Thiboutot and Diana Postlethwaite
Matthias Bergner (Germany)
  • Ken and Connie Sansome
  • David and Martha Brown
  • Mark and Mary Werner
  • Andrew Stevens, Norway
  • Nate Brown, Japan
  • Michalleah Werner, Belgium
  • Jessica Marzolf, Argentina
Inbounds and Host Families:
Tiago De Paiva Prota (Brazil)
  • Tom and Melissa Newman
  • Mike and Sheila Foote
  • Richard and Donna Jackson
Jackie “Delphine” Sagory (France)
  • Dan and Susan Jorgenson
  • Don and Denise Lum
  • Dave and Martha Brown
  • Allison Newman, France
  • Becky Jorgensen, Poland
  • Katie Quach, Japan
  • Monica Foote, Belgium
Inbounds and Host Families:
Javier Igancio Echeverria Pena (Chile)
  • Tom and Melissa Neuman
  • Don and Denise Lum
  • Dan and Susan Jorgensen
No Outbounds:
Inbounds and Host Families:
Dagmara Dreiskena (Latvia)
  • Jim and Mary Weidner
  • Ray and Charlotte DeVries
  • Tom and Melissa Neuman
  • Anna DeVries, N. Ireland
  • Becky Weidner, S. Africa
Inbounds and Host Families:
Amit Shesh (India)
  • Bill and Pat Hagerty
  • Tom and Melissa Neuman
  • Smith’s
Brenda Cristal Toralva (Mexico)
  • Stan and Jan Stevens
  • Char Musgjerd
  • Amelia Musgjerd, Norway
  • Mattie Johnson, France
  • Carlson Stevens, Brazil
  • Jessica Smith, Denmark
Inbounds and Host Families:
Seckin Koksal (Turkey)
  • Dan and Susan Jorgensen
  • Mary and James Weidner
  • Alice and Larry Bates
Akihisa Yahata (Japan)
  • David and Martha Brown
  • Ken and Connie Sansome
  • Donna and Richard Jackson
Inbounds and Host Families:
Lucie Kotschova (Czech Republic)
  • Barbara and Charles Wilson
  • Jennifer and Bill Johnson
  • Raymonde and Richard Noer
Monica Gonzalez (Bolivia)
  • Lois and Ed Langerak
  • Carol and Tim Cowles
  • Pam Moeller and Rick Esse
Inbounds and Host Families:
 Carlos Jose Huggins Davila (Venezuela)
  • Corrine and Ed Matney
  • Julie and Dan Rogers
  • Ron Linde
Christain Mauricio Viani  (Argentina)
  • Diane and Ron Cirksena
  • Corrine and Ed Matney
  • Ginger and Davis Larson
Zahavia Vahanvaty (India)
  • Carolyn and Les Svendsen
  • Georgia and John Jackson
  • Carol and Bruce Benson
  • Kandi Klamm, New Zealand
  • Greg Cirksena, Denmark
  • Shoshanna Matney, India
  • Catherine Noer, Belgium
Inbounds and Host Families:
Jesper Ewald Elming (Denmark)
  • Wayne and Julie Eddy
  • John Ause and Chris Metzke
  • Charles and Mary Kay Jenness
Severine Boue (France)
  • Michael and Elis Michlin
  • Virgil and Jean Carlson
  • Bill and Laurie Cowles
  • Sonya Michlin, United Kingdom
  • Mikael Carlson, Brazil
  • Lynn Iverson, Spain
Inbounds and Host Families:
Monica Alejanra Sepulveda (Chile)
  • John Ause and Chris Metzke
  • Kathy and Randy Olson
  • Grace and Cliff Clark 
Poonyot Theeraladanon (Thailand)
  • Grace and Cliff Clark
  • Richard and Raymonde Noer
  • Sue Anne and Davis Von 
Kgomotso Lousa Matsunyane (S. Africa)
  • John Ause and Chris Metzke
  • Jay and Linda Pringle
  • Sue Anne and Davis Von 
  • Chris Clark, Japan
  • Megan Jenness, Belgium
  • Geoff Noer, Faroe Islands
  • Amy Klinefelter, Brazil
Inbounds and Host Families:
 Marvin Neils Kraemer (Germany)
  • Wayne and Alice Kivell
  • Mary and Charles Jenness
Joanne Leah McPherson (Australia)
  • Ted and Mary Hovey
  • Paul and Anne Klinefelter
  • John and Georgia Jackson 
  • J. Tiloch, Denmark
  • Cyla Bultman, Norway
  • Kristen Solid, Sweden
  • Julie Kivell, Sweden
Inbounds and Host Families:
Anne Catherin Misonne (Belgium)
  • Bob and Cora Scholz
  • James and Judy Cederberg
  • Cheryl and Terry Johnson 
Gregory William Crichton (S. Africa)
  • Ruth Anna and Dan Gustafson (Now Ruth Anna Miller)
  • David and Mary Ann Emery
  • Keith and Judy Covey
  • Carolyn Moe, United Kingdom
  • David Solid, Belgium
  • Steven Swan, Germany
Inbounds and Host Families:
Masahiro Ikebuchi (Japan)
  • Clifford and Grace Clark
  • Doug and Barb Schetnan
  • Bob and Cora Scholz 
Ornellas “Paulo” Franklin (Brazil)
  • Bruce and Audrey Moe
  • Joellen and Tom Wierson
  • Norma and Osmund Ause
  • Charlie Black and Barb Boffenkamp 
  • Cynthia Clark, Germany
  • Maria Scholz, Belgium
  • Megan Thomas, S. Africa
  • Stacy Wierson, Ecuador
Inbounds and Host Families:
Mina Ktariina Tarkka (Finland)
  • Myron and Carol Solid
  • Doug and Ruth Crane
  • David and Helen Medin
Janina Marie Gray (New Zealand)
  • Lee and Dottie Swan
  • Clifford and Grace Clark
  • Carolyn and Ken Jennings
  • Jim and Carolyn Holden 
  • Douglas Carlson, Germany
  • Sarah Corzatt, Japan
Inbounds and Host Families:
 Ismael Castro  (Mexico)
  • Keith and Bev Anderson
  • Jerry Laurence and Maria Rogers
  • Bill and Char Carlson 
  • Bryan Ensrud, Mexico
  • Angela Wee, Japan
Inbounds and Host Families:
Sheila Villano (Phillipines)
  • Don and Pat Skluzacek
  • Al and Vera Haugen
  • Bill and Char Carlson
  • Andrea Carlson, Japan
  • Ann Borgwardt, Finland
Inbounds and Host Families:
Annika Persson (Sweden)
  • DeWayne and Theo Wee
  • Don and Bonnie Pavek
  • Don Schneider
  • Kathy Wee, S. Africa
Inbounds and Host Families:
Martin Andre Kreigler (S. Africa)
  • Lee and Dottie Swan
  • Harry and Melanie Shearer
  • Keith and Judy Covey
No Outbounds
Inbounds and Host Families:
Rieko Hagiwara (Japan)
  • Marston and Dorothy Headley
  • Norma and Osmund Ause
No Outbounds
Inbounds and Host Families:
Anne Quist Nielsen (Denmark)
  • Mary Lin and Bob Bruce
  • Will Brosz
No Outbounds
No Inbounds
  • Annette Fredrickson, Mexico
Beth Gilligan (Australia)
  • Bill and Nancy Nelson
  • Duane and Marie Benson
  • Jim and Shirley Herreid
  • Norma and Osmund Ause
  • Ann Sipfle, Argentina
Julio Cesar Coelbo (Brazil)
No Outbounds
Susan Stevens (Australia)
Maria Luciana Lana (Brazil)
  • Kristin Johnson, Brazil
Paulo de Olivera (Brazil)
  • Theresa McCorkell, Brazil
  • Julie Mellby, Japan
Evan Janstam (Sweden)
  • Sharon Allerson, Brazil
  • Jane Rae Wilkens, Mexico
Johnnie Rvenginesh (Thailand)