Community Service

Community Service is one of the main tenets of Rotary. For nearly 95 years, the Rotary Club of Northfield has worked to improve the Northfield area through cash donations and projects of all sizes.

Historical Highlights

  • 50 years of scholarships for 2 post-secondary bound students annually
  • $80,000 show-mobile (portable stage) as club’s gift to Northfield on the Club’s 75th anniversary
  • Sponsoring the Northfield Rotary Bike Tour annually
  • Annual Good Neighbor Award to non-Rotarian
  • Annual Marston Headley Service Above Self Award to Rotarian.
  • Support of dozens of other community activities, including Amerman Pavilion, WING’s misting oasis, and Everybody’s Playground and benches – all at Spring Creek Park.
  • Centennial Project: Our 2005 Centennial Project consisted of three parts: $100,000 toward a trail-head for the Mill Towns Trail; $50,000 toward our city’s Affordable Housing Program; and $50,000 towards a permanent exhibit on the history of our area, at the Museum of the Northfield Historical Society.

Local Service Projects

Rotary clubs have a rich history of tackling bold and ambitious projects. Whether local or international, service projects serve as Rotary’s hands-on tool we use to make the world a better place. Northfield Rotary is no exception. With a proud history of service projects, both international and within Northfield, our club is constantly exploring new ways to make a positive impact.
Local service projects present a unique opportunity for Rotarians to partner with other local non-profits and community members to complete a substantial project for the benefit of the community.
A local service project is not merely a donation from our Rotary club to a worthwhile cause. If you are an organization looking for funding of less than $1,000, please visit the Local Donations page.
The time has come for Northfield Rotary to once again roll up its sleeves and get to work. We’re currently accepting applications for our next local service project. Anyone with a bold idea to make our community better is encouraged to apply. An overview of the application guidelines and process for both local service projects and local donations may be found here.
Please direct any questions or comments here.
Local Service in Action