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The Rotary Club of Northfield, Minnesota, established in 1925, is one of the older clubs in our area and, with a membership of 135, one of the largest. We invite you to join us on Thursdays for our regular weekly luncheon meetings at the Northfield United Methodist Church.

Club Facts and Tidbits 

Date Chartered: May 19, 1925
Club Number: 2157
Sponsor Club: Faribault
Clubs Sponsored: Lakeville, Cannon Valley Rotaract
Current Members: 135
Charter Members: 24
Charter President: Frank L. Clark

Bulletin: College City Cogwheel
Year Started: 1930
First Editor: N/A
Current Editor: Vicki Dilley & Amy Goerwitz

Foundation/Paul Harris Fellows: In 1995 we had 23 Paul Harris Fellows (PHFs) and 5 sustaining members. A combination of the club’s new commitment to service and a dedicated Rotarian, Robert Will, who took charge of this program, led to substantial growth. In 2023 we had 77 Paul Harris Fellows (PHF); 119 former member PHF; 88 honorary PHF; and 13 members contributing toward their PHF for a total of 297 participants.  The club has donated over $439,000 to the Rotary Foundation. Learn more about Paul Harris Fellows.

District/International Officers: Leal Headley, District Governor, 1932; Barbara Will, Assistant Governor, 1994-95; Mark Cashman, Assistant District Governor, 2007-2010; Rick Esse, Assistant District Governor, 2010-2013; Robert Bierman, Assistant District Governor, 2013-2018; Jean Wakely, Assistant District Governor, 2018-2021.

Rotary Awards: Robert Will, Rotary Foundation, District Service Award, 1995; Jim Pokorney, Brett Reese, CAC DSA, 2004; Rick Estenson, Brett Reese, CAC DSA, 2005; Charlie Cogan – Touching Hearts Award 2006.

Historical Highlights: Our first woman member, Chris Hager, was accepted in 1988. Our first woman president, Barbara Will, held office in 1993-94.

Club Executives & Directors
President Elect
International Service
Rotary Club Service
Community Service
Rotary Foundation
Public Relations & Communication
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI)
Youth Exchange
The Rotary Foundation
Immediate Past President
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