Speaker Date Topic
Dayle Quigley Dec 08, 2022
Dreamers that Do
Dreamers that Do

Rotary - why I came, why I stay, and where we go from here

Dayle Quigley, our Rotary District Governer, will be providing prospective and inspiration. This special guest will be hosted by our president, Brad Fargo

Jake Reilly Dec 15, 2022
Northfield Downtown Development
Northfield Downtown Development

Downtown Northfield is continuing to develop and grow. Community Development Director Jake Reilley and our consulting team will be covering downtown projects including the Water Street Development, the Archer House location, the Riverfront and more. In addition to an informal presentation, they will be gathering feedback. This will be a great opportunity to both learn about our cities future and to engage in the discussions that help form it.

Holiday Lunch Dec 22, 2022
Exchange Student Holiday Updates, Our Club's Charities, Ugly Sweaters & Holiday Socks

Come join our annual holiday lunch.  We have our Ugly Sweater and Holiday Socks Contests. The Exchange students will discuss how they celebrate this season in their home countries.  And there will be an update and discussion on the causes we support and charitable focus for the coming year.

No Meeting - Holiday Week Dec 29, 2022
No Meeting - Holiday Week
Vicki Dilley. PR and Communication Committee Jan 05, 2023
How do we drive this bus?

What is Club Runner? How do I find other members' phone numbers? I have this photo of Rotarians at work, what do I do with it? Much more. PLEASE remember to bring your cell phone to the meeting, if you like, someone can help you get the CR app on your phone...you will be glad you did!

Torkil Kass Jan 12, 2023
I'm Torkil from Tórshavn!
I'm Torkil from Tórshavn!

Before sharing stories of his experience growing up in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, Torkil will first tell us how to pronounce his name. The answer may not be what you expect.
Host by Mark & Diana Abbott

Sarai Barcelo Linzoain Jan 26, 2023
Growing up Mutilva

Coming to us from Mutilva Spain, she is a neighbor to Pamplona. Sarai will share stories of her life growing up in Spain and whether running with the bulls is in her blood.
Host by Barb Wornson

Elizebeth Child Feb 09, 2023
Classification Talk
Classification Talk
Jamie Stolpestad Feb 09, 2023
Creating More Homes for More People …in More Places
Creating More Homes for More People …in More Places

At YardHomes, we seek to expand housing in Minnesota by adding a new housing option that is needed in our communities.

Small, compact, prefab dwellings can be added as Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) across 19 cities in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area, along with Northfield and Duluth. More cities are adding ADU ordinances to their zoning codes or expanding their existing codes each year.

Jamie Stolpestad is a real estate entrepreneur, advisor and educator. He is a partner of YardHomes and has other personal and professional investment and development interests across Minnesota that have a social investment focus. Jamie’s corporate institutional real estate career spans over 25 years and over $13 billion of investment transactions. He was the first employee and CEO of Allianz Real Estate of America and grew that platform to 16 domestic team members with an $8.6 billion debt and equity portfolio across 45 markets in the U.S. Prior to this he held executive positions at GE Real Estate and The Mills Corporation.

Anna Thill Feb 23, 2023
Electrification 2.0: XCEL’s plans to upgrade the infrastructure and to add nuclear energy
Electrification 2.0: XCEL’s plans to upgrade the infrastructure and to add nuclear energy

As Northfield and Minnesota moves to a carbon free future; we will need to replace pipelines with more electrical lines; replace smokestacks with more clean energy. Anna Thill is a Community Relations Manager for Xcel Energy; working with the community and government leaders to get the alignment and approvals needed to meet the needs for sustainable growth. She is an advocate for both Xcel and our area communities.