Bridge Construction for Milltowns Bike Trail: A Rotary Success Story

April 23, 2009

We give heartfelt thanks to Peggy Prowe for providing these photos and text. Please feel free to comment. Ed

Northfield Rotary has been hosting the Jesse James bicycle tour since 1995, begun under Pete Stolley’s leadership. The benefits of the tour have been spent one third toward club scholarships and two thirds towards the establishment of the Mill Towns State Trail. The Trail will connect with the Sakatah/Singing Hills Trail in Faribault and the Cannon Valley Trail in Cannon Falls, through Dundas, Northfield, Waterford, and Randolph.

Funds given to the Friends of the Mill Towns Trail have accumulated. The bridge across the Cannon River will cost about $800,000 for construction; $110,000 from Rotary funds, a 20% match to the Federal funds. State bonding funds provide about two fifths of the cost. The city of Northfield has provided engineering and construction supervision to the tune of around $150,000.

Completion of trails to the bridge and the #3 underpass, (for which the completion date is uncertain), will follow the bridge construction. Rotary is helping to provide safe passage for youngsters to the ball diamonds in Sechlar Park.