Northfield Union of Youth

Our Community Partner, the Northfield Union of Youth, is looking for host homes for The Wallflower Project. 

The Wallflower Project is a program of the Northfield Union of Youth that was designed from a need identified by youth at The Key (drop-in youth center). Our program is serving youth experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity for ages 16-24. By voices from the youth, we have developed a trauma-informed, safe, and accessible system that provides meaningful solutions for housing youth through a host home program.
Our host home program recruits, trains, and supports volunteer host homes and matches hosts with youth in a safe and comfortable environment. Beyond providing a roof and a bed, this program is designed to provide a caring, supportive family environment that puts emphasis on home rather than housing.
The Rotary Club's Youth Exchange Program and The Wallflower Project are similar in the sense that they provide a safe, comfortable space for youth in the community.
If you have questions/concerns on how to get involved or are interested in being a part of NUY's host home program, please contact Kelli Podracky on cell: 507-219-8059 and email: