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Rotary Cogwheel | 09.05.2013

September 9, 2013

Today: Bike Tour Chalk Talk and Pump-Up Rally (Roberto Zayas)

Birthdays: Jean Larson (9/1), Judy Brown-Wescott (9/4), Bob Lampe and Chris Richardson (9/6)

Next Week: “Meet the new Youth Exchange students,” (V. Dilley)

Welcome Youth Exchange Students: Please give a warm welcome to our five youth exchange students for 2013-14. They are: Yoshino Tokigawa from Japan, Gunho Park from South Korea, Rodolfo Ramirez from Chile, Lucas Coelho from Brasil and Bekzhan Sarsheeva from Kyrgyzstan. You’ll learn more about them next week.

Last Week: Brian Edwards, manager of Emergency Medical Services for Northfield Hospital & Clinics, is trying to improve survivability rates for victims of cardiac arrest. Despite great advances in field medicine, he said it still boils down to beginning effective chest compressions as soon as possible.

EMS has launched a community education campaign called Northfield Area Heart Safe Project. The goal is educate community members of all ages on the signs and symptoms of stroke, heart attack and sudden cardiac arrest and to train them in “no fear” compressions only CPR and the use of automatic external defibrillators. The hope is this will give bystanders the skills and the confidence to act quickly in an emergency. All are invited to take advantage of the training that will be offered in the community. All are invited to volunteer to help with the training.

Nationally, survival rates for cardiac arrest hover around 5 percent, Brian said. Evidence shows “heart safe” training can increase those rates significantly. EMS personnel are volunteering their time to do this training. They have already trained the Northfield football team, 60 senior citizens and a good share of the Carleton College community — faculty, staff and 2012 first-year students. The hope is to share this training with as many people as possible, area students in grades 4-12, church congregations, companies, service clubs and anyone else who is interested.

Drop-in training will be available at the EMS tent near the Northfield Liquor Store during Defeat of Jesse James Days. It takes all of 20 minutes.

For more information contact Brian at 507-646-1444 or contact Kathy Hanek at

Last Week’s Guests: Pam Middleton, Karla Hansen, Erik and Tiffany Nelson, Jaime Herman, Wendell Arneson, Beth Christensen (V. Dilley), Julie and Marissa Thornton (Lasswell).

Scholarship Enhancement: Jim Holden

Announcements: The Rice-Le Sueur-Waseca Chapter of the American Red Cross reported that John Erhresmann is now on his third deployment as a disaster relief volunteer, this time to Illinois.

Richard Maus encouraged us to read a recent story in Scientific American (August 22, 2013) about an outbreak of polio in Israel where vaccination rates are high. It speaks to the resilience of the polio virus and the vigilance required to eradicate it.

By decree, President Prichard said the weather would be cooler this week. How did he do?

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Sept. 18 — TBA
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Oct. 3 — Daniel Sellers and Nick Banovertz of MinnCAN, the “Road to Success” bus tour.