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Rotary Cogwheel | 11.15.2012

November 15, 2012

Today: Nathan Knutson will speak on Contemporary Architecture (Lutsky)

Birthdays: Greg Carlson (11/11), Rachel Dawson, Carl Caskey and Virginia Lorang (11/14), Jim Prichard and Matthew Rich (11/17)

Next Week: Turkey Trot – All hands on deck!

Last Week:
Rice County Dollars and $ense is helping kids in Rice County appreciate the value of a dollar. It is a financial literacy program offered to low-income, minority or prospective first generation college students in Northfield and Faribault.

Now in its second year, Dollars and $ense is one of eight programs in the state. It is funded by federal dollars funneled through the Minnesota Office of Higher Education.

The Northfield Healthy Community Initiative serves as the program’s local fiscal sponsor.

Jason Hallen, Dollars and $ense coordinator, said they target students in grades six through 12. They use interactive games and animated presentations to teach kids about sound fiscal practices that will help them find a way to fund a college education. The program also includes events for the students’ parents, workshops on how to fill out the college FAFASA form and a new Individual Development Account that encourages students to save for a higher education experience and to do career exploration.

The content helps students sort out which commodities are necessary and which are only desirable. They talk about the wisdom and benefit of planned savings, the traps surrounding credit card debt, and pathways to funding education beyond high school.

The program travels to the students are. Classes are held places such as the Middle School Youth Center, the Northfield and Faribault Alternative Learning Centers, Northfield’s Ninth Grade Academy, and the Summer Plus program. Two hundred forty-one students have been involved to date.

If you have questions about the program, contact Jason at:

Mini Classification: Hannah Puczko

Packers, Packers, Packers. That’s all we ever hear from Hannah. It’s not her fault. She grew up in De Pere, Wisconsin, a suburb of Green Bay, home to, yes, the “Legends of the Green and Gold.”

She attended St. Norbert’s College and taught English and French in Desoto, Wisconsin for eight years. She married a fellow teacher and carpool member and moved to La Crescent, Minn., still Packer country, she claims.

While raising her two children, Max and Kate, Hannah worked for the Houston County News and then served as Community Education Director in La Crescent for 17 years.

Hannah and her husband, Howard, moved to Northfield in 2001 when she was hired to be the school district’s Community Services Division director, a position she has held for the past 11 years. She is retiring in December.

When she is not traveling, attending Broadway musicals or visiting her three grandkids, she will undoubtedly be making green and gold throws for Christmas presents and repeating Packer broadcaster Ray Scott’s familiar refrain: “Starr. Dowler.  Touchdown.”

What would Paul Harris do?

If your boss congratulated you on a job well done, and you know the work was actually performed by a colleague? Do you accept the praise or redirect it to its rightful owner? Let’s see how Queen Jane adjudicates this one.

Guests: Mizuki (Mickey) Oeda from Japan, Diatou Gueye from France, Adnan Mansjur from Indonesia, Hsin-Yuan (Cindy) Wang from Taiwan, Carolina Riofrio from Ecuador and Rachael Dawson from India; Jim Young (Young), Dana Graham (Esse), and Lonna Lysne (Maus).

Scholarship Enhancement Winner: Don Robertson


Two hundred thirty-five people have registered for this year’s Turkey Trot. So, Robert Bierman needs volunteers to deliver the goods that morning. He reminds us that the time commitment is limited and contained. Set-up is at 7:15 a.m.; registration begins at 8. The gun goes off at 9, and you can count on being home spreading the marshmallows on your yams by 10:30. Kurt Larson also reported that we have a narrow window of time to recruit more sponsors. From the long list of those already committed that he shared with us, sounds like really big T-shirts will be needed this year.

Vicki Dilley announced that we have been asked to screen two prospective outbound students for the Mankato Rotary Club. Four interviewers are needed for Saturday, Nov. 17, at 1 p.m. at Vicki’s house. Let her know if you can help.

Alan Anderson reminded members to take the program interest survey that has been sent electronically to members. Either print it off and mail it back or download it and return it electronically.

Coming Up:

Nov. 29 — Diatou (O’Neil)