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Rotary Cogwheel | 11.01.2012

October 31, 2012

Today: Cliff Martin: “Change and the Current Political Process” (Amerman).

 Birthdays: Kurt Rufenacht (10/30) and Steve Wilmot or is it Kurt Larson? One of them has a birthday on (11/3).

Next Week: District Governor Joe Kovavarik (Esse)

Last Week:
Most of us would have a hard time keeping up with Jacob Conway. His photos suggest a rough and tumble, outdoor existence that would test our endurance and resolve. He fishes, hikes, bikes, kayacks, plays softball, and all with a contagious enthusiasm.

Jacob grew up in Cottage Grove, Mn. Home to several B list celebrities, one of whom had a part in “American Pie.” He was one of four boys raised by Patrick and Marge Conway. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry at University of Wisconsin — River Falls, and after considering a career in pharmacy, he went on to get a doctorate in Chiropractic at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Minn.

He met his wife, Brigette, also a chiropractor, at a national chiropractic sports competition. His softball team was hammered 42-1, but Jacob emerged a winner when Brigette married him last summer.

Jacob fell in love with Northfield after a bike trip here. He opened Cannon Pointe Chiropractic in 2011 and is settling into the community. He loves to volunteer and has already contributed to a number of local initiatives such as: Habitat for Humanity, Feed My Starving Children, Thursday’s Table, the Cannon River cleanup and more.

After living in Northfield a while, what is his biggest surprise? How easy it has been to make friends here. He says our friendliness outruns even the hype on the brochure.

What would Paul Harris do?

President Fenton, our ethics consultant, says it’s okay to use the return address stickers some nonprofits send us to prompt a donation. We did not solicit them, so we are not breaking faith.

Now, what would Jane do about moving to better, open seats at a concert or a ballgame? Should we or shouldn’t we?

Guests: Yogi and Gitta are back. William Flaten (Robert Flaten), Mizuki (Mickey) Oeda from Japan, Diatou Gueye from France, Adnan Mansjur from Indonesia, Hsin-Yuan (Cindy) Wang from Taiwan, Mizuki (Mickey) Oeda from Japan, Carolina Riofrio from Ecuador and Rachael Dawson from India.

Scholarship Enhancement Winner: Candy Taylor


Programs were circulated and signed for Ed Fox, who is in hospice, and Rick and Kris Estenson, who recently lost a niece.

Robert Bierman announced that we have 60 runners signed up already for the Turkey Trot. Sponsorship is still available, and flyers can be downloaded from the website for posting.

Bill Talen signed off for another winter. He is making his pilgrimage to Del Ray Beach, Fla. He invited us all to come down to visit. Road trip!

Coming Up:

Nov. 15 — TBD

Nov. 22 — Turkey Trot