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Rotary Cogwheel | 04.21.2011

April 20, 2011


Rotary Cogwheel: Thursday, April 21, 2011

Today’s Program: Miquel Speaks His Mind (B. Abdella)

Happy Birthday: Wayne Abdella (4/17), John Fossum (4/19) and Gary Bollinger (4/22).

Next Week: Mary McNulty, President of  You are Special  (VanBlarcom)

Last Meeting:

Save the Northfield Depot’s Rob Martin isn’t about to surrender to histrionics. He could chain himself to the old railroad depot to fend off the wrecking ball, but that’s not his style. He leads with his Power Point and an appeal to higher order thinking.

“Save the Northfield Depot.” has been working since 2009 to save this historic landmark, a romantic reminder of the days when railroad was king. The Canadian Pacific Railroad needs the 1888 structure moved. It sits too close to the tracks and limits engineers’ visibility. They are willing to sell the building for $1 to someone who will move it.

Rob said his group’s vision is to relocate the structure to city property on the west side of the Q Block, behind the Quarterback Club. It would serve as a transportation hub and a visitor center. He estimates it would cost $40,000 to move it and several hundred thousand dollars more to restore and expand it.

Save the Depot is now in conversation with the city about the availability of the land. The group is raising money to make this happen.


Guests: St. Olaf College President David Anderson (Koenig), Dr. Jacob Conway (Bierman) and Tom Porter (Alberg).

Scholarship Enhancement: Greg Carlson


— The Key will be participating in the upcoming community garage sale, so if you have things to donate, talk to Jane Fenton

Coming Up

May 5 – Russ Halverson, classification (Bierman)

May 12 – Martha Paas, Inflations, Deficits, and Recessions


May 19 – Sarah Carlsen and Friends of Way Park  (Solid)

May 21 – A Night of Magic with the Key Kids

Welcome Our Newest Members:

Devon Barnes, Beth Bergmans, Ryan Blumhoefer, Barry Carlson, Jim Holden, Michelle Lasswell, Tim Madigan,

Don Robertson, Betsy Spethmann and Roberto Zayas