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Northfield Rotary Cogwheel | 2.18.10

February 17, 2010

Today’s Program: Luisa introduces us to her Brazil

Happy Birthday: Kyle Nordine (2/14), Jim Braucher (2/16), Jane Fenton and John Stull (2/18) and Peg Prowe (2/19).

Next Week:  Northfield Hospice, Kathy Westlund (Jean Larson)

Last Meeting:

St. Olaf student Subhash Ghimire is losing sleep…. by his own design.  He said he gets by on four to six hours a night. He carries a full load of classes, and in his spare time, he is setting up a foundation to create a school for children in his war-torn homeland of Nepal. This political science major’s passion is born of his own experience growing up on Nepal. The civil strife hit close to home. His father was abducted by Maoists and released only after ransom was paid. Some of his cousins endured physical assaults because of their politics.

Subhash benefited from an opportunity to attend a private school in Katmandu. It launched him on a path that eventually found him at St. Olaf College. He has already invested a $10,000 peace prize in a summer camp for children in his hometown in Western Nepal. He assembled a team of nurses, psychologists and volunteers to provide education and support for 42 children during a six-week summer camp. The school is next on his list.

Subhash has vision. He has applied to law school at Cambridge and doesn’t dismiss the idea of a political career one day.  If admitted to law school, he plans to defer for a couple of years while he gets his school up and running. This young man bears watching.

International Service Project Report – Mark Abbott reported that over the past year the committee has effectively leveraged $4,000 to boost five international projects.  They range from solar power for a medical clinic in Togo to equipment for a neo-natal unit in Argentina.

Guests: Martha Cashman (Rossing), Luisa and Roberto (Dilley), Dana Cogan (Cogan) and Leslie Vanderwood (Will)

Scholarship Enhancement: A humble and hobbled Rob Martin (Achilles tendon injury)


President Estenson announced that Dayna Clemment and Peter Schmelzer have been accepted into the club.

The president acknowledged Sam Gett’s outstanding promotion for our upcoming Brasil and Back.

Mary Rossing and Jean Wakely instructed us on proper attire for the Feb. 20th event. Basic black seems to work if you have a mountain of accessories. Think Jesse Ventura doing the Samba!

We have a new contract with the Northfield Golf Club. We will continue to meet here at least through December of 2010.

President Estenson said the local “big idea” projects have been narrowed to two: new space for the KEY and the moving of the train depot. No decisions yet. More to come.

Coming Up:

Feb. 20 – “To Brasil and Back Carnival” at the Middle School

Mar. 4 – The State of the Minnesota Budget and the Legislative Session (Charlie Kyte)

Welcome Our Newest Members:

Dayna Clemments

Peter Schmelzer