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Cogwheel | Thursday | 8.7.08

August 7, 2008

Today’s Program: Jonathon Een Newton – Back from Brazil (Wilgohs)

Birthdays: Kari Sobeck (8/4) and Michael Lane (8/5)

Next Week: District Governor Roy Sjoberg (Cashman)

Last Week:

Felicia Hansell is back from her exchange year in Thailand. And yes, she did ride an elephant. She has the photos to prove it.

Felicia found Thailand to be a hot, humid country with a conservative culture that struggles to balance the rich, spiritual traditions of Buddhism with the pull of contemporary western influences. Shorts for girls are relatively new and karaoke is a popular social activity.

Most of the country’s 65 million congregate in large cities, such as Bangkok, but its economy is dependent on rice production. Thailand is responsible for 80 percent of the world’s rice, Felicia said.

She lived in Chiang Mai, a city of 200,000 and the cultural center of northern Thailand. She stayed with three different families during her time there and attended high school at Prince Royal College, where she was enrolled in a gifted English program.

Well-maintained Buddhist temples were of special interest to her. They not only have great historical significance, but they continue to be relevant in people’s daily lives. She also enjoyed the festivals. Apparently, almost any reason is a reason for a celebration. They celebrate the western New Year, the Chinese New Year and the Thai New Year.

Welcome home Felicia.

Guests: Dan Springmen (Brown); Margy Schuster and Sam Studer, outbound exchange students, (Covey); Mark Hansell and Teri Takehiro.

Scholarship Enhancement: Jack Hoschouer


Tuesday, Sept. 9, is Rotary Night at the Dome. If you are interested in attending, see President Laurie.

Charlie talked at length about going to Eau Claire for a meeting about the Rotary Foundation. He invites people to come forward if they have good ideas. Mark Cashman added that Rotary is working to make the grant process more user-friendly.

Neil Lutsky reminded us that the Defeat of Jesse James Bike Tour is coming around the bend.

Coming Up:

Aug. 21 – Sarah Hale, art specialist and advisor at ARTech, back from Rotary Group Study Exchange to Peru.

Aug. 28 – Scott Davis, classification

Sept. 4 – Bike tour orientation – Neil Lutsky