Sarah Hale's Group Study Exchange blog

April 12, 2008

I got this email from Sarah Hale, an advisor and art teacher at the Northfield School of Arts and Technology/Artech.

sarah-hale-1 I am in Peru and and having the time of my life with the Group Study Exchange!

We have been here for one week and have three and a half more ahead of us, have visited four cities, met with six different Rotary clubs, and stayed with two host families.

I am so thankful to Northfield Rotary for sponsoring me! We are keeping our own blog of our travels…


Left: the blog; right: the Flickr album.

From Sarah’s About page:

Group Study Exchange is one of the most popular and rewarding programs of The Rotary Foundation. This program has provided educational experiences for about 25,000 business and professional men and women around the world.

Visiting team members meet, talk and live with Rotarians and their families in a warm spirit of friendship and hospitality with the purpose of learning about another country, absorbing vocational and cultural opportunities and serving as ambassadors of goodwill for Rotary and their own country.