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Rotary Cogwheel | 08.11.2016

August 10, 2016

Today’s Program | Thursday, Aug. 11, 2016

Today: Jim Barbour, Diaries of Deane and Ian Barbour about 1948 work camp experience (Reppmann)

Birthdays: Elizabeth Child (8/8)

Next Week: District Governor Jim Hunt (Halverson)

Last Week:
We already knew that Rotarian Wendy Sivanich is physically strong since she is an award winning weight lifter. From her classification talk we learned that Wendy is emotionally strong as well.

Born in Bloomington, Minnesota, she grew up with multiple childhood challenges and yet emerged intact. Her parents divorced and she moved from Bloomington to Jordan, to Eden Prairie, to Excelsior and finally to Savage where she spent her high school years. Wendy’s experience with her blended families also had its challenges. Wendy was amazingly open about these experiences in her talk.

Wendy credits her camping experience at YMCA Camp Menogyn with helping her become more confident. She became interested in volleyball and enjoyed her experience at Burnsville High School, later enrolling at the University of St. Thomas, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in accounting in 1996.

Accounting and bookkeeping became Wendy’s vocation and a more organized person is hard to find. She has built her own bookkeeping consulting business and currently works as Payroll Specialist and Bookkeeper for Goodney & Associates, PA, Certified Public Accountants here in Northfield.

Wendy has been a longtime supporter of the Northfield Youth Choirs where she has served as Operations Manager. She currently serves as Treasurer of the Board for the Northfield Fine Arts Boosters.

Wendy is married to Rotarian Andrei Sivanich. They have two daughters, Katie and Maggie.

Having provided two recent updates at club meetings, Rick Estenson elected to give an abbreviated mini-classification talk. Rick never brags about his commitment and service to our club, but we members do appreciate all that he does, including serving the District level youth exchange program, frequently hosting events at the Estenson Event Center, finding excellent new club members and volunteering in so many other ways. Thank you, Rick!

Guests: Wendy Jessen of Northfield Plumbing and Brent Nystrom of Rebound Enterprises

Scholarship Enhancement:. Bruce Morlan

Michael Leming, St. Olaf Professor Emeritus of Sociology/Anthropology, is our newest member.

Wanzita Masenza from Tanzania, one of this year’s incoming students, is a recipient of a special grant from Rotary providing funding for students who otherwise could not afford the exchange experience.

Signup sheets for Bike Tour volunteering will be available each week at our Rotary meeting so you can easily volunteer to help.

From two weeks ago

Sage Brinton, Argentina

McKenna Dale, Brazil

Caroline Hummel, Norway

Noah Klein, South Korea

Jane Ludwig, Colombia

Yizel Marcial, Germany

Daiki Nishioka, Taiwan

Liliana (Lily) Noble, Italy

Madison Peterson-Bradford,  Brazil

Emma Pritchard, Taiwan

Nathaniel Urke, Brazil.

Incoming students are:
Daniel Chien from Taiwan

Emma Nielsen from Denmark

Nico Suarez Toloza from Colombia

Gyung Hwan Yoon from South Korea

Wanzita Masenza from Tanzania

Past Northfield Rotary Club meeting videos on YouTube

Coming Up

August 25 — Joel Wagar, Mill Towns Trails (Prowe)

September 1 — Earl Weinmann, SCOPE Program (Lawlor)

September 8 — Bike Tour Volunteers

September 15 — ENT Gerard O’Halloran, MD, “What I Wish My Patients Knew” (Spethmann)

Quote of the Week:
“You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist.”
— Mahatma Gandhi