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Rotary Cogwheel | 05.07.2015

May 6, 2015

Today: Paul Krause, Classification (Sinning)

Birthdays: Rick Estenson (5/4), Charlie Cogan (5/6) and David Halsor (5/7).

Next Week: Carleton’s Master Plan, Fred Rogers, at the Weitz Center (Madigan)

Last Week:

Jodi Greene paused briefly last week in her fast-paced work for the U.S. Navy to visit her parents in Northfield and receive Northfield High School’s 2015 Distinguished Alumnus Award.

Jodi has built an impressive career in foreign policy and international affairs since graduating from NHS and joining the Air Force in 1990. She began her career as a linguist, where she discovered her affinity for foreign policy and relations. Jodi was named Under Secretary of the Navy (a civilian post) in May 2014, reporting directly to the Secretary of the Navy and working hard to “make sure we have the right assets wherever our sailors and Marines are serving.”

She has a big crew to serve: Jodi’s work supports the Navy’s 325,000 sailors and 186,000 Marines, plus 275 ships and 3,700 aircraft.

Jodi travels the world every few months, to engage foreign partners and to foster cooperation addressing global threats. Her most recent world tour took her from DC to Hawaii, Micronesia (where she dined with President Manny Mori and offered U.S. assistance in the wake of the super typhoon that hit four days earlier), Malaysia, Vietnam, India and Italy before returning to DC.

“When I come home from a trip like this, I’m very proud to be an American and a public servant, and I’m proud of what we’ve done through our military around the world,” she said. “Our sailors and Marines are incredible young men and women, and it’s very rewarding to serve them.”

Jodi works in the Pentagon and lives in Annapolis – a well-chosen 36 miles away, to give her some distance from the pressure of world affairs.

Will she consider running for President like Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt, who both were Assistant Secretaries in the Navy? Jodi didn’t commit. But she is at the top level of leadership where she can be non-political; any higher up the ladder, and she’ll have to make a formal party affiliation.

“I’ve been very pleased working as a civil servant and remaining neutral,” she said. “As long as my efforts are making a difference every day, I’m not worried about what comes next.”

Express-Classification: Jack Hoschouer gave the world’s shortest classification recap when introducing Jodi Greene, sharing just one detail – that he was a Sea Scout when he was a student. Ahoy, Jack.


Neil Ritchie, Main Street Project (Blaha) Adrian Thomas, KYMN (Conway)

Marie Benson (Benson).

Scholarship Enhancement: Neil Ritchie of Main Street Project. (He should visit more often.)


— Jake Conway stepped up his game recruiting volunteers to help out on May 14 at Greenvale Park’s Community School event.

— Charlie Cogan thanked Chris Webber for his Polio Plus donation with a tie; Northfield Rotary has given almost $5,000 to the cause, helping the District in its goal to raise $1 million.

— Chris Webber gave an update on Nepal’s earthquake from Global Grant scholar Sudip Bhandari (now in Boston, with family in Nepal safe though displaced). Sudip suggested the best way to get aid quickly to Nepal is through the World Food Program (WFP). This is affiliated with the UN and they are providing water, high energy biscuits, and tents very quickly on the ground. Sudip’s father knows the Finance Officer for WFP Nepal. Please make a donation at, which is the U.S. arm of the group. Be sure to scroll down on that page to donate to ensure your funds are directed to Nepal.

— Dave Brown reminded all that the “clothing enhancement” offer will run for two more months. Donate $1,000 or more to the Foundation and get a Rotary-branded garment from Larson Printing.

— Judy Westcott-Brown shared recipes from last week’s speaker, Monique Godde, who runs a community center in Chad.

— Jean Wakely read thank you notes from scholarship recipient Lilly Noble and from the Skateboard Coalition for the club’s support.

— John Sinning invited all to a graduation and bon voyage party for exchange students on May 20 at the Estenson estate. We’ll also welcome back this year’s outbound students on their return to Northfield. Festivities begin at 5:30pm; dinner will be served. This is a family event.

— Matthew Rich recapped the Northfield High School scholarship ceremony, where he presented a scholarship from the club to Jenna Scheffert – who heads to Italy as an exchange student this year.

Next Week, May 14, we will meet at the Weitz Center at Carleton College. The church is not available that day.

Outbound Exchange Students 2015-16

Beimers, Henry – Norway

Beimers, William – Brazil

Carlson, Samuel -Argentina

Estrada, Gabriella – France

Hahn, Erin – Thailand

Hodel, Christoph – Indonesia

Kelley, Caitlin – Chile

Lunderby, Jack – Brazil

Mandsager, Erik – Zimbabwe

Martinez, Odalys – Japan

Muir, Mason – Taiwan

Olson, Josiah – Colombia

Regnier, Eli – Brazil

Rodriguez-Vazquez,Leslie – Brazil

Scheffert, Jenna – Italy

Seitz, Zoe – Denmark

Washburn Chapman, AhnaCole – South Africa

Woitalla, Jessica – Brazil.

Past Northfield Rotary Club meeting videos on YouTube

Coming Up

May 21 — Tribute to Those Who Inspired Us (Madigan)

May 28 — Michael Maas, RSVP Retired Volunteers (Blaha)

June 4 — TBD

June 11 — David Wee, All Things Baseball (S. Richardson)