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Rotary Cogwheel | 08.21.2014

August 20, 2014

Today:Kathy Jasnoch, Prairie’s Edge Humane Society (Kaczmarek)

Birthdays: Craig Ellingboe 8/22

Next Week: – Chuck Huntley, Angel Flight Central (Nemo)

Last Week:

Todd Thompson spends half his time these days in Guatemala, using music education as a bridge between cultures. Five years ago, he traveled there on a church mission trip. Now he has a regular presence in school classrooms and local churches.

Guatemala’s educational system is woefully short of resources, and there is not much music in the curriculum. Guatemala has many needs, Todd said, but his passion is music and he wants to share it with young people. He sees it as nourishment for the body, mind and spirit.

His latest project is the publication of a Spanish hymnal with accessible arrangements. He said most of the musicians he has met in Guatemala play by ear and find many of our standard hymns too complex for guitar, the instrument most commonly used. His hymns have a slower melodic progression and rhythms familiar to Guatemalans.

To raise money for his music education projects, Todd has made two CDs of music in Spanish He is now seeking funding to allow him to continue his music education exchange for periods of up to three months. Todd is also collecting songs in the Mayan dialects. There are 22 of them. Todd said Guatemala has one of the largest indigenous populations in the world. Of the 17 million folks there, 80 percent are considered indigenous, Todd said.



John Sinning is in transition. (Editor’s Note: Aren’t we all?)

John worked most recently as a controller for Field Solutions, a company that provides field technicians to the electronics industry. He is now taking a step back and looking for a way to work in his home community.

John and his wife, Susan, moved to Northfield in 2001. They raised their two kids on a 40 acre hobby farm. Their daughter is now on her own after graduating from Wittenberg and their son is a junior at Bradley University in Illinois. Susan runs a boutique in the Archer House in downtown Northfield.


Welcome Lydia:

Lydia Solheim, the first of four inbound students, arrived last week and joined us for lunch. She is from the Faroe Islands. Wendy and Andrei Sivanich are her host parents. Brad Frago and Michelle Lasswell are her club counselors. Welcome Lydia. We are delighted to have you with us.

Still to come are: Philipy from Brazil, Marcelo from Peru and Giulia from Italy.

Last Week’s Guests:  Wendy, Katie, Maggie Sivanich (Lasswell), Sharon Flaten (Flaten), Tracy Fossum (Fossum), and Joe Wakely (Sinning).

Scholarship Enhancement: Jon Snodgrass. Invest it wisely, Jon.

First Job:

Adam Elling, our newest member, cut his employment teeth on Dairy Queen products. He worked at a Cottage Grove franchise for seven years. He characterized himself as a mistake-prone employee. The mistakes went home with him for later consumption.


Rotary has received five proposals for a flagship local service project. Presentations will be made to a committee on Tuesday, Sept. 9. The board will make a decision Thursday, Sept. 11.

Jean Wakely is recruiting club members for the Defeat of Jesse James Days Bike Tour. We need all hands on deck. It is our largest annual fundraising event. If she has not yet contacted you, please see her before you leave today.

If you have ideas for upcoming weekly programs please let Candy Taylor or Alan Anderson know.  We have many openings for future programs.

Rotary Minute:

President Rich said by the end of the year, polio should be eradicated across the globe, except for Pakistan. A complete eradication requires $5.5 billion. We still must raise $557 million. Each year our club contributes $3,000. Other funds are contributed through our Every Rotarian Every Year campaign. If you want to make a contribution, go to the Rotary International website.

Coming Up:

Sept. 4 – Bike Tour Planning
Sept. 11 – Dr. Annette Parker, President of South Central College (C. Richardson)
Sept. 18 – Jesse Streitz and His Cross Country Bike Tour (Williams)
Sept. 25 – Matt Hillmann Transformational Technology in Northfield Schools (Lawlor)