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Rotary Cogwheel | 09.12.2013

September 15, 2013

Today:Meet the new Youth Exchange students,” (V. Dilley)

Birthdays: Therese Whitesong (9/9), Matthew Detert (9/14), Chris Weber (9/15)

Next Week: TBA

Welcome Youth Exchange Students:
Please give a warm welcome to our five youth exchange students for 2013-14. They are: Yoshino Tokigawa from Japan, Gunho Park from South Korea, Rodolfo Ramirez from Chile, Lucas Coelho from Brasil and Bekzhan Sarsheeva from Kyrgyzstan.

Last Week:
We broke bread, met our citizen volunteers, sang our bike tour anthem and huddled together to receive our final instructions. Then, we made it happen. Here are excerpts from an account of our event filed with the Northfield News by Alex Voigt.

“Cyclists may have come in all shapes, sizes and ability levels for the annual Jesse James Bike Tour, but at the end of the day they all gravitated toward two places: The nearest water jug and a shady spot away from the sun.”

“According to Rotary Club volunteer Brad Frago, there were 1,120 riders this year, which is about 200 short of their record but comparable to most other years. Pre-registered riders totaled 700 — slightly above average according to Frago — and day-of registration was slightly lower than usual, possibly due to the warm weather forecast.”

“Despite the weather, EMS volunteer Dan Ober said there were no heat-related injuries suffered during the tour. The EMS staff was kept busy though as Ober said there were multiple crashes on the course, including one involving three cyclists in the Sogn Valley area…. that required all three to be hauled out in ambulances.”

“According to Rob Martin, a Northfield Rotary Club member and the food/drink coordinator, roughly 500 gallons of water was consumed throughout the day. Most of the rest stops ran out of water at one point or another, but volunteers were constantly shuttling jugs to the stations and Martin said the Rotary Club bought extra water ahead of time when officials saw the weather forecast.”

Last Week’s Guests: Bike tour citizen volunteers, of which there were many (Prichard); Anne Quist, Sophie Erickson and Hannah Talen (Talen); Pete and Emily Schmitz (this year’s Heywood award recipient), Suzie Nakasian, Rachel Woldum and Keith Lewis (also Prichard); Nate Heilman (O’Neill) and Ed Sostek (S. Richardson).

Scholarship Enhancement: Michelle Lasswell

Redacted Happy News:

Hannah Puczko celebrated her birthday with a trip to Door County. But, of course, they had to stop in Green Bay to see the Packer holy land and all four of the coveted Lombardi trophies. For this report, she evoked a disproving murmur, bordering on rumble and a 15-yard penalty for roughing the Viking fans.

Coming Up:

Sept 26 — TBA

Oct. 3 — Daniel Sellers and Nick Banovertz of MinnCAN, the “Road to Success” bus tour.
Oct. 10 — TBA
Oct. 17 — Steve Underdahl, President and CEO of Northfield Hospital & Clinics (Kyte)