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Rotary Cogwheel | 02.21.2013

February 21, 2013

Today: Kathy Jo Blomquist, Director of Northfield Home Care and Northfield Hospice at Northfield Hospitals and Clinics (Scott Richardson)

Birthdays: Jane Fenton 2/18, John Stull 2/18, Peggy Prowe 2/19, Brad Frago 2/22.

Next Week: Alan Anderson Classification Talk (Dave Wolf)

Last Week: 

Our club now has two Queens!  in addition to Queen Jane our President we now have Northfield High School Snow Queen Mizuki (Mickey) Oeda, one of our personable and vivacious exchange students.

Mizuki Oeda’s home is the City of Osaki in the Prefecture of Miyagi, Japan.  Osaki is located 25 miles north of Sendai which is 250 miles north of Tokyo.  Osaki is a city of 135,000 and Sendai is a city of 2,300,000.  As Mizuki pointed out the population density in Japan is 10 times what it is in the United States.

Mizuki’s father works for the railroad and her mother keeps busy at home with Mizuki, her sister and brother.  Nature is important to Mizuki as evidenced by the pictures of Japan’s natural beauty which she showed the club.

Mizuki is a very talented runner, a major passion of hers.  She has competed in a 10 kilometer race held as part of the Tokyo Marathon.   Here at Northfield High School last fall Mizuki was awarded all-conference honorable mention in Cross county.  She also plays a feisty guard for the Raiders Girls Basketball team.

Mizuki thanked members of our club for the opportunity to spend this year here in Northfield.   We wish her well in her future plans to attend college after finishing high school when she arrives home in Japan.

Mini Classification:

Brad Frago presented solo since his wife Michelle Lasswell was home with their sick child.  Brad’s discussion entitled “When Love Goes Sour, an Update on Family Law Trends” was more upbeat than perhaps expected, especially for a Valentine’s Day gathering.  Brad focused on the many improvements he and Michelle see in Family Law.  Moving from relying solely on litigation to employing neutral evaluation, mediation and collaboration provides more positive outcomes in divorces.  A child centered approach is being emphasized allowing for more positive uses of child psychologists and more flexible schedules for child visitation arrangements.

Guests:.  Cliff Taylor (Candy Taylor), Victoria Langer, Gwendolyn Pietsch, Matt Irwin, Sophia Nelson, Janine and Bill Nelson, Carrie Duba, Irene and John Duba, Elise Hanson, Mona Wesselman and exchange students: Diatou, Cindy, Adnan, Mizuki and Rachel.

Scholarship Enhancement: Victoria Langer


Thanks to the Northfield United Methodist Church for allowing us to test their fine meeting room for this week’s meeting while the Golf Club is undergoing some minor remodeling.  President Jane has requested feedback as to your opinion of this location as a potential permanent site for our weekly meetings.

Carl Caskey recently returned from Costa Rica and brought greetings from former club members Charlie and Christine Otis-Skinner.

Todd Thompson will be leaving for four months of teaching music in Guatemala.  We will miss his excellent song-leading, guitar and mandolin playing.

Coming Up:

Mar. 7 – Christine Curtis, the new Director of Community Corrections (Matt Rich)

Mar. 14 – Tate Running Classification Talk (Don Robertson)

Mar. 21 – Exchange student Hsin-Yuan (Cindy) Wang from Taiwan (Blake Abdella)