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Rotary Cogwheel | 01.10.2013

January 10, 2013

Today’s Program | Rachel Dawson, Youth Exchange Student

Next Week: TBA

Birthdays: Teresa Tillson (1/8) and Lynne Pedersen (1/11).

Last Week:

Justin Stets, principal and managing director at Carlson Capital Management, sees a life divided into two halves. The first half is devoted to establishing yourself, building a career that provides success, security and a measure of esteem. “Looking good” I think he called it. The second is the more reflective half. It is when you examine your life and what you have honored with your time and energy, and then consider what you will do with the wealth and resources you have acquired.

He said it is about moving from a transactional mode as you consider how you spend your resources on consumption, taxes, inheritance and/or philanthropy, to a transformational mode where your choices intentionally reflect your values and your passions, where your heart and soul point you.

A Classics major while at St. Olaf College, Justin says he takes this studied approach to life’s journey with a good deal of humility because “everything you think was thought about 2,500 years ago.” But as a wealth advisor he brings a unique perspective to a conversation about giving:

  • Americans give $300 billion to charities each year, one third of that goes to religious organizations;
  • Tax policy does make a difference. Thirty to forty percent of his clients say tax policy would impact their giving patterns;
  • Young people want to be personally involved in an initiative before they contribute money.

He encourages us to avoid being distracted by stock market volatility, recessions or fiscal cliffs. They will come and go, he said, but our desire to make a difference remains unchanged.

Guests: Exchange students: Diatou, Adnan, Mizuki and Rachel; Cliff Martin and George Zucolotta (Fenton), Amelia Ousley (Rachel)

Scholarship Enhancement: Erin Mayberry


— Vicki Dilley reported that 17 Northfield High School students were invited to be outbound exchange students next year. This is a record number.

— Ballentine is coming from Nigeria to celebrate the first birthday of his twin girls. We are all invited to celebrate with them at 6 p.m. tonight at Lee and Vicki Dilley’s home.

Happy News

Fred Rogers’s first granddaughter was born on Christmas Eve….Rick Estenson enjoyed a trip to Eastern Europe, Venice and Paris with his family before the holidays….Peg Prowe noted that Goodhue County acquired a 30-acre tract of land that will help complete the Mill Towns Bike Trail…Bill Carlson’s granddaughter will be going to Japan as an exchange student.