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Rotary Cogwheel | 12.08.2011

December 8, 2011

Thursday, Dec. 8, 2011

Today: Thomas M. Thorfinnson – Rotary Foundation, (Pritchard and Brown)

Birthdays: Jim Holden (12/6) and Jim Pokorney (12/7)

Next Week: Round Table: Dreaming of Northfield’s Future, Steve Wilmot (Ellingboe)

Last Week:

Sweden has been generous with the world. It has given us ikea, abba, safety matches, Pippi Longstocking and now Felicia Speychal.

At her core, Felicia is a happy wanderer. She is eager to learn about other people and other cultures. She was 13 when she traveled to England by herself for a summer language course. Before coming to the United States this fall, she had already logged trips to Turkey, Thailand, Bulgaria, Malta, Finland, Italy, Norway and Denmark. She speaks French and Italian in addition to English and Swedish. For her, language is a pathway to understanding other cultures.

At home in Kariskoga, she and her five-year old sister live with their parents. Her mother works with prison inmates and her father is a production manager. Felicia is in a natural science program in high school and is hoping to become a pediatrician. She is involved in music, gymnastics and diving.

While here in Northfield, Felicia has embraced the exchange experience. She has participated in tennis and gymnastics, volunteered, taken challenging courses and recorded an impressive 3.95 GPA.

She has found school to be very different from what she has experienced in Sweden. Here the emphasis is more on copying and memorization, she said. In Sweden, there is more discussion and analysis.

Felicia is very appreciative of her counselors, Jim and Caroline Holden, and her host families. She thanked the club for giving her this opportunity.

Turkey Trot: The Thanksgiving Turkey Trot set records in all categories. Mike Lane, chair of the event, reported that 660 runners and walkers participated, allowing us to net $10,000 from the event. Wow!

Ed Fox Tribute: We celebrated Ed Fox’s new Rotary emeritus status with cake and a heartfelt rendition of “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow.” Ed became a Rotarian in 1947. He was president of the Des Moines club in 1973 when Rotary International celebrated its golden anniversary and was a member here when we celebrated our centennial anniversary. He graciously accepted the honorary membership conferred upon him. Brett Reese thanked Ed for his service and the kindness he has displayed over the years in both his personal and professional life.

Guests: Sam and Maria Estenson (Estenson); Sonja Stevens (Kyte); Caroline Holden, Anne Archibald, Hannah Vasilis, Beth West, Katie, Ellen and Tom Roster, Sharon Rasmussen, Carla and Marshall Hanson, Rachel Marosi, Maggie Miland, Cindy Carlson, Angel and Bob Dobrow (Felicia); Virginia Lorang (Fenton); Melissa Eblen-Zayas (Zayas); and Peter Prudden (Koenig).

Scholarship Enhancement: Linda Willgohs


— An account has been established at First National Bank to aid Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin and his family. Their house was completely destroyed by fire on Thanksgiving eve.

— Fred Rogers is looking for volunteers to work as bell ringers for the Rice County unit of the Salvation Army during the holiday season.

— Rotary is responsible for two weeks of Meals-On-Wheels in January. If you are available the weeks of January 8 and January 15, please see Lynn Pederson.

— Charlie Cogan mentioned that James Grabau is recovering after knee surgery.

— Save the date: “To India and Back,” our bi-annual winter fundraiser will be Saturday, Feb. 25, 2012.

Coming Up:
Dec. 22 –- Anti-bullying, Lynn and Maggie Miland (Durkin)
Jan. 5 – Roberto Zayas – Classification, (Rich)
Jan. 12 – Aishwarya Gokhale, Exchange Student from India – (Abdella).