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Rotary Cogwheel | 11.03.2011

November 3, 2011

Today’s Program | Thursday, Nov. 3, 2011

Today: Omar Jamal, First Secretary of the Somali Mission to the United Nations (Flaten)

 Birthdays: Steve Wilmot (11/3), Sue Boxrud (11/5) and David Brown (11/5)

 Next Week: District Governor Judy Freund (Bierman)

 Last Week:

Who in the world would try to build an airplane in his basement? John Koser, a good friend of Wayne Abdella, would and did.

A licensed pilot, John stumbled across the Sonex airplane while attending the celebrated Oshkosh Air Show. He came home with airplane plans and enough flat-sheet aluminum to build it. It took him three years and a boatload of rivets to get the thing into the air.

His “little hot rod” is 18 feet long and sports a 22-foot wingspan. Its gross weight is 1,050 pounds, and it runs on a four-cycle aluminum engine, which can handle cruising speeds up to 140 miles per hour.

John teaches undergraduate physics at the University of St. Thomas, so he understands this stuff. If I built it, I surely wouldn’t go up in it, but John does both. In what seems a clear case of putting the cart before the horse, his plane, the one with the shark’s teeth on the fuselage, needed 40 hours of test flying before a FAA examiner pronounced it sky-worthy. I don’t make these rules.

John loves cruising the skies in that third dimension, observing the rivers snaking through the prairies and the ribbons of highway crisscrossing the plains. He calls Stanton Airport the best airport in Minnesota.

This Just In….

Kristi Rasmussen is in Sweden, living with Felicia Spechal’s family. She recently traveled to Riga, Latvia on a Rotary service project. They visited a nursing home that had been the recipient of club funds, and there, Kristi met a 92-year old resident who had been waiting all week to thank the people who helped improve her life, even in its last stages.

Kristi also went hunting for the first time! The hunting party of 12 did get a large moose and had to drag it about half a kilometer out of the woods. The moose meat will be divided among the hunters, including Kristi, who is eager to try it. (Linda Willgohs, reporting)

Guests: Andrew Bray (Norvold), Linda Borene (Cogan), Paul Reiland (Blumhoefer), Todd Thompson (Cashman), Darlene Abdulla and Bev Koser (W. Abdullah).

Scholarship Enhancement: Bob Will


— The car raffle was pronounced a huge success. We netted $25,000 for our efforts. Total sales were $47,500. Five thousand of that were sales from The Key. Laurie Williams, the winner of the cool new ride, was present to receive our good wishes. Linda Borene, the third place winner, was there to receive her check for $500. Angie Tanghe won was the second-prize winner. She won a gas grill.

— Tom Durkin announced that February 25 will be the date for our bi-annual winter fundraiser. This year it will be: “To India and Back. Corporate sponsorships will be available.

— Chris Richardson encouraged people to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 8, in the school levy election. There will be only five polling places for this off-year election, so make sure you know where your precinct is voting.

Coming Up
Nov. 17 —  “Inspiring Possibilities, Realizing Dreams” Laura Baker School, Director Sandi Gerdes (Braucher)
Dec. 1—  Felcia Speychal, Exchange student from Sweden, host (Holden)
Dec. 8 — Thomas M. Thorfinnson – Rotary Foundation, ( Pritchard and Brown)