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Rotary Cogwheel | 07.21.2011

July 21, 2011


Rotary Cogwheel: Thursday, July 21, 2011

Today’s Program: Ten Years of Local Rotary Donations (Caskey)

Happy Birthday: Duane Benson (7/21) and Linda Willgohs (7/22)

Next Week: CVRO Update with Paul Niemisto (Collman)

Last Meeting:
A venture into sustainable farming has provided four young entrepreneurs with valuable experience in growing and marketing food, as well as lessons in environmental stewardship and community building.

Rebecca Carlson, Joey Flemming, Abby Benson and Kara Donnithorne all work for SEEDS, a four-acre sustainable farm near Northfield that produces vegetables, flowers, herbs and more. They farm with 12 CSA partners as well as 15 communal farmers. They also sell their produce at the Northfield Farmers’ Market.

Their guiding principles are

1) Food should do no harm;

2) Food should do good, providing nourishment and energy;

3) Food should be interesting.

They’ve incorporated many organic practices into their operation. They work to eliminate the use of petroleum and chemicals, and they limit their distribution costs by selling locally.

These students of the land also see a benefit to inviting others to invest in the farm, and, thereby strengthen the connection between farmer and consumer and the local community.


Guests: Sudip Bhanjari (Fenton), Nancy Carlson (G. Carlson), Cindy Carlson (Barry Carlson)

Scholarship Enhancement: Linda Willgohs


— Philippa, Miguel and Nikolaj are coming to the end of their year with us. Miguel and Philippa will be leaving July 22; Nikolaj will be leaving July 24. We have appreciated the youthful exuberance they have injected into our meetings, and we wish them well on the next chapter of their journies.

— Devon Barnes and President Bierman were getting our sales force organized for the car raffle. Our goal is to sell 3,000 tickets for the new car over the next few months. It is an opportunity to raise funds for Rotary and to share our story.

— George Soule joined us last week after a long absence. Good to see you George.

— Ed Fox noted that he has been a Rotarian since July 14, 1947, 64 years.

Coming Up

Aug. 4 – “Economics of Major Sports” – Joel Maturi, U of M Athletic Director (Brown)

Aug. 11 — Rotary Road Rally and dinner at Estenson

Event Center. No noon meeting.

Aug. 18 – A Brush With Kindness: Habitat for Humanity (Dayna Norvold)