Scott Richardson honored with Marston Headley Service Above Self Award

April 29, 2011

Rotarian Scott Richardson was honored with the prestigious Marston Headley Service Above Self Award on Thursday, April 28, 2011. The following is the text from the award presentation:

Scott Richardson - Marston Headley Service Above Self AwardThe Marston Headley Service above Self Award is given each year to a member of the club who has given of their time and energy to make the club a success and to recognize strong involvement in the community.  Started by Rotary International over 30 years ago, the Northfield chapter began to give this award in 1988.  About a decade ago, the local award was renamed in honor of Marston Headley, a long-time member, past club president and secretary for many years.  Marston served as a city librarian and was known for his many contributions to the Northfield community.

Sometimes recipients are leaders which we see up front on a regular basis, but sometimes the leaders  are more in the background but they are always there, consistently doing work week after week until we grow to assume the job to be done, without much thought as to how it happened or what effort it took to make it happen.  Such is the case with this years’ recipient.

He assumes roles without fanfare, comfortable being a support person and does not need the limelight.

Very important to him that everyone is thriving and the group is functioning well.

Most important thing in life is his wife and kids.

The most fun thing he ever did was shoot a guy out of a cannon over the Cannon River.

He enjoys volunteering and he only volunteers for things he likes to do and that makes it more fun for those around him.

Our nominee is someone that is in the project for the long haul, he does not abandon projects, he stays in place for a long time.

His wife said that he will likely be in Rotary until he is very old and that they will likely live here for all of their lives.

Community is very important to him.

He came to Northfield because he recognized there was community here and was interested in chronicling this communities’ journey.

He operates out of and respects the idea of “servant leadership” in his work.

His birth family was also committed to community service; he helped as a teen when his parents were very involved in building the golf course and the pool.

He had good role modeling from his family about community involvement.

His father and Bob Lampe grew up together in Elgin, MN.

He is lots of fun and has a great sense of humor.

He and his wife every Tuesday have lunch at B & L’s and he teases the waitresses if they are late by saying “you must have been worried sick”.

He is often confused to be Dr. Chris Richardson.   Once someone on the street said something to our friends’ wife about his new position as superintendent of schools; they were confused as they thought that required special training.  Chris Richardson later teased that, no, it did not.

Our recipient is very involved in his church, the UCC.  He is the softball team coach at his church and they call themselves the Fighting Apostles.

He is committed to help them develop from being one of teams with most losses to one of the winning-est teams.

Our friend has been involved with the Northfield Chamber of Commerce, Northfield Booster Club, the Defeat of Jesse James Days and the Northfield Historical Society to name a few.

He was the first coordinator of the Healthy Committee Initiative.

And he was the winner of the  Joseph Lee Heywood Distinguished Service Award in 2008.

The award is given to a “Northfield citizen who exemplifies the commitment to public service which Joseph Lee Heywood lived and died for.”

For all of these good reasons and many more, we bestow upon our fellow Rotarian the Marston Headley Service Above Self Award to the well-deserved Rotarian, Scott Richardson.   Thank you, Scott, for your dedication to this community.