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Northfield Rotary Cogwheel | 11.11.2010

November 11, 2010


Rotary Cogwheel: Thursday, Nov. 11 2010

V E T E R A N S  D A Y

Today’s Program: Exchange Student Nikolaj Svendsen of Denmark Tells It Like It Is.

Happy Birthday: Lee Dilley (11/10} Greg Carlson (11/11) and Carl Caskey (11/14)

Next Week: Lori Pappas, Ethiopian Global Team (Reese)

Last Meeting:

“Silver tsunami,” the “gray wave,” call it what you will. Aging baby boomers will leave one more indelible impression on society before they exit.

Kari Thurlow, Vice President of Advocacy, Aging Services of Minnesota, warned that this demographic wave will have far-reaching consequences for everything from state and federal spending to family life. By 2020, she said, there will be more seniors in our society than school children. And by 2030, the number of seniors 85 and older will have doubled from what we have today.

The sheer numbers coupled with the fact that baby boomers are not financially prepared for retirement suggests older adults will need a stronger safety net than what is in place today. Individuals need to plan and help finance both their retirement and their long-term care needs. But Kari said additional public dollars will be needed to honor our society’s commitment to care for our elders.

That’s a dicey proposition in this “no tax” climate, but her unvarnished take is cost containment by itself will not resolve this issue. To learn more, go to:


Guests: Kerry and Tate Running (Williams), Stephanie Shawback (C. Richardson), Jane Greenwood (Fenton) and our exchange students (Weber).

Scholarship Enhancement: David Wolf


— Contact Mike Lane if you can volunteer for the upcoming Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot.

Matt Hillmann reported that 811 students cast ballots for Kids Voting Nov. 2. Their choices often mirrored those of the electorate, although they did skew toward the hometown legislators. Matt thanked all who helped on the project and acknowledged Mark Quinnell for his generous $1,000 donation through State Farm Insurance.

— Mark Abbott announced that a school building in rural Thailand will be the focus of our international service project. A school is being built for an orphanage and boarding school that serves the indigenous hill people from Baan Mai Phattana and Baan Bala, Thailand. Five thousand has already been committee from Northfield Rotary, Rotary member donations and our partner, the ChaingMai Rotary Club. We need to raise another $5,000 to qualify for District 5960 and Rotary Foundation matches. The total project will cost $35,000, $15,000 for a brick-making machine and $20,000 for materials.

Coming Up:

Nov. 18 –Lori Pappas, Ethiopia  Global Team –

Local Initiatives, Helping people help themselves (Reese)

Nov. 25 – Turkey Trot, Thanksgiving

Welcome Our Newest Members:

Beth Bergmans, Barry Carlson, Tim Madigan, Roberto Zayas