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Northfield Rotary Cogwheel | 5.6.10

May 5, 2010

Today’s Program: Union of Youth and The Key (Covey)

Happy Birthday: Colleen VanBlarcom (5/3), Rick Estenson (5/4), Charlie Cogan and Mark Henke (5/6) and David Halsor (5/7)

Next Week: City Safety Center, Mayor Mary Rossing

Last Meeting:

The Northfield Historical Society  (NHS) is all about “making history matter.” That is the new theme that emerged from a revitalizing 2007 strategic planning session, according to Hayes Scriven, executive director of NHS.  It accompanies a new mission statement and a new logo.

He talked about the society’s many programs. The youth program has accommodated 24 interns over the last four years and generated school classroom programming, video documentaries, field trip guides, exhibits and collection development. A collaboration with Northfield School District connected Carleton College students and seventh and eighth graders, whose research on the James-Younger escape from Northfield is captured in a book called “Caught In The Storm.”  NHS is also developing a web portal for all things related to Northfield history through a local history collaborative.

Hayes also announced that a capital campaign is in its formative stages. The goal is to raise $400,000 to provide elevator access to all three levels of the Scriver Building. That will pave the way to reclaiming the building’s second story for NHS use. Hayes said it will mean more community meeting space and more space for collections and exhibits.

Guests: Racquel and Elim, Roberto’s mother and sister (Roberto), Luisa (Estenson)

Scholarship Enhancement: Curtis Tiano, our treasurer.


Lee Dilley was recognized in abstentia for all of the good work he did coordinating the visit of the GSE team from Nigeria. Thanks also went to Vicki Dilley, Jean Wakely, Reginaldo, Mark Cashman, Mark Gleason, Judi Brown-Wescott and Sue Boxerud for their support during the  visit.

Upcoming socials include a graduation party on Wednesday, J une 16, and a summer social on August 5, which will include a vintage band performance. Both will be at the Estenson Fieldhouse.

Neil Lutsky has volunteered to fill a chair on the Group Study Exchange Committee formerly held by Reginaldo. Reginaldo needed to resign because of the press of other commitments.

Coming Up

May 20 – Randy Sampson — Canterbury (Estenson)

May 27 – Mike Grimm — WCCO/Gopher Sports (Monaghan) May

June 3 – Ted Olson —Nature Conservancy  (Lorang)

Welcome Our Newest Members:

Dayna Clemment

Peter Schmelzer

Mark Henke