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Northfield Rotary Cogwheel | 12.10.09

December 9, 2009

Today’s Program: Club Project Discussion (President’s Council)

Happy Birthday: Ed Fox (12/11)

Next Week:  The fabulous “Troubadours,” with our own Gerhard Miedt conducting.

Last Meeting:

Basically, Fred Rogers, vice president and treasurer at Carleton College, said everything’s been going to hell in a hand basket for the last 18-months. He had charts and graphs, but I think that was pretty much the gist. Wall Street coughed — a deep, consumptive, death rattle — and Carleton College caught a whopper of a cold.

With the value of its endowment shrinking, Carleton decided to meet the fiscal challenge by applying “through cycle thinking.” They are developing strategies today that will better serve them when the recovery takes hold.

Leadership implemented a number of temporary and ongoing initiatives to deal with budget shortfalls, everything from closing buildings and freezing salaries to reducing trash pickup in offices and classrooms.

But Fred said Carleton chose to lean forward into the fiscal storm. They are hiring faculty to reduce teaching loads. They are increasing their financial aid pool. They are investing in sustainable practices, and they have finished building new dormitories.

The future is uncertain, but Fred said private institutions of higher learning have many attributes, among them a tradition of learning and inquiry and a tradition of collaborating on big ideas. They will be here to stay.

Rotary News:

Paul Harris Fellow: Carol Flaten became a Paul Harris Fellow as part of a Christmas gift she and her husband, Robert, are giving to one another.  In this season of giving, they’ve decided to jointly give to others through the Rotary Foundation.

Guests: Carol Rutz (Gleason), Luisa (Dilley), David and Hayes Smith (Lawlor) and Gitta Reppmann (Yogi).

Scholarship Enhancement: Luisa


This year’s Turkey Trot set a record with 590 runners participating, and that was with our fearless leader, Mike Lane, managing this from out of town. He is a genius. He estimates we will net $8,000 for the morning’s work.

John Ophaug read a note from Bob Lampe’s family, which thanked Rotary for flowers sent for Pat Lampe’s funeral.

President Estenson announced that 12 local “big idea” proposals submitted to the Rotary Presidents’ Council have been whittled down to four.  They are: 1) moving the train depot; 2) improving Way Park; supporting Regie’s Agri-preneur program; and 4) improving the KEY. We will hear more about these projects today.

Sixteen youth teams are coming to Northfield on Dec. 12 to play basketball. Mark Cashman said we still need volunteers that day between noon and three to make it happen.

Coming Up:

No Meeting Dec. 24 or Dec. 31

Jan. 2 – Social at the Grand Event Center

Jan. 7 – Colleen VanBlarcom, Classification (Tiano)

Jan. 14 – International Projects – Presidents Council