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Northfield Rotary Cogwheel | 5.21.09

May 21, 2009

Today’s Program: Club Reports:

1) Web Updates and Membership – Rick Esse and Ed Lufkin

2) Committee Self-Selection – Rick Estenson

Birthdays: Keith Covey (5/19), Bob Flaten (5/21)

Next Week: Mancel Mitchell celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the Second Great Northfield Bank Raid (Davis)

Last Week:

Joseph Crippen introduced his brother John Crippen, who serves as the Acting Director of Historic Sites and Museums for the Minnesota Historical Society. Undergraduate study at the University of Minnesota followed by graduate work in museum studies in Cooperstown, NY lead John to his twenty-one year career managing historic sites for the MHS.

In his current position John has responsibility for the 32 state historic sites throughout Minnesota. These sites represent some of the most interesting aspects of Minnesota history and provide a place for visitors to hear the stories and visit the actual places where history was made. John’s favorite site is the Mill City Museum in Minneapolis. Please go visit some sites this summer!

The current State revenue shortfall is providing challenging times for the MHS and unfortunately will reduce hours and staffing at some sites. The good news is that funds from the voter approved Legacy Amendment will enhance statewide outreach for education and for grants to local history organizations.

Guests: Susan Crow (Earl Crow), Joel Leer, Evan Quinnell and Mayra Gutierrez (Stringer), and our four Inbound Exchange students: Elisa, Ryota, Matheus and Pablo.

Scholarship Enhancement: Hugh Kaste


Vicky Dilley expressed her joy as a member of Rotary because of the strong student exchange programs building on her experiences serving in the Peace Corps and the inspiring presentations at our weekly meetings.

High School Principal Joel Leer introduced students Evan Quinnell and Mayra Gutierrez who recently enjoyed “amazing!” experiences at the Rotary Youth Leadership Camp. The students and Joel expressed appreciation to the club for this opportunity.

Our four fabulous exchange students, Elisa, Ryota, Matheus and Pablo are hosting a graduation open house from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm on Thursday, June 4th at the Estenson Ranch. All are welcome.

President Laurie and several other club members are assisting in establishing a new Rotary Club in Rosemount. Thanks!

Coming Up:

June 4 – Capitol Wrap-up – Kevin Dahle and David Bly (Crane)

June 11 – Virginia Kaczmarek, classification (Cashman)

Welcome To Our New Members:

Missi Arens – Matthew Detert – John Fossum – Jodi Fritz

Frank Grazzini – David Koenig – Lee Lawlor

Matthew Rich – Mary Rossing – Mark Thacher

Ross Thompson – Therese Whitesong – Colleen VanBlarcom