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Cogwheel | Thursday | 12.4.08

December 4, 2008

Today’s Program: Dr. Heino Beckmann, St. Thomas University: “What the Fall of the Dollar Against the Euro Means? (Hoschouer)

Birthdays: John Ehresman(12/4) and Mark Cashman (12/6)

Next Week: Dairy Farmer Gene Bang (Braucher) and Annual Club Meeting. Come prepared to vote!

Last Week:

Exchange student Elisa “Scooter” Skytte delighted and charmed us with stories about her native Denmark, her family, and her hopes and dreams for her time in Northfield.

Denmark, an island kingdom of about 5.5 million people, is considered a part of Scandinavia. It combines a capitalist economy with a broad social safety net to produce one of the world’s highest levels of income equality. It has a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system of government, and is a founding member of NATO. Among the country’s cultural icons are author and poet Hans Christian Andersen, philosopher and theologian Soren Kierkegaard, architect Jorn Utzon, and Nobel Prize-winning physicist Niels Bohr.

Scooter’s family consists of her parents, two sisters and two brothers. They live in Vallensbaek, a city of about 13,000 near the capital of Copenhagen, and travel extensively, including every winter to Florida (her favorite place). Travel is important to Scooter as a way to gain a greater understanding of other cultures and to meet new people. She has friends all over the world – from Germany to Italy to Luxembourg to America.

Scooter considers herself outgoing, happy, and enthusiastic about life’s opportunities. She enjoys playing soccer and wants to participate in Nordic Skiing this winter at the high school. She is also considering track in the spring. Her goals here are to give her host families a part of herself, to make lots of new friends, and to develop her language skills.

Scooter, you’re off to a great start.

Guests: Jane and Noel Tetreault and their family (Scooter’s current host family), our other exchange students, Ryota Kimura from Japan, Matheus Mattos from Brazil, and Pablo Maldonado from Ecuador, plus a few of Scooters Northfield friends (Dilley); Brad Leonard (Reese); Dan Bergeson and Pat Vincent (Covey); and two very nice visiting Rotarians.

Scholarship Enhancement: A slightly stunned but appreciative Rick Esse. And believe me, nobody, but nobody does “slightly stunned” better than Rick Esse.


Dan Bergeson and Pat Vincent dropped in to announce that the Chamber of Commerce and Northfield Downtown Development Corporation are partnering to raise funds to upgrade the holiday decorations in downtown Northfield. Dan and Pat pitched the club on the “Help Light Up Northfield” campaign, which hopes to reach a $20,000 goal to purchase new decorations to be installed in 2009.

President Laurie put in a call for volunteers to help plan an event to host exchange students from across the District on December 6-7. Sign up with Vicki Dilley or Linda Willgohs.

Mark Cashman is looking for volunteers to help with the December 13 Rotary Basketball Tournament. We still need a few people to yell at the referees.

The club’s annual meeting – and election of officers for 2009-10 – is scheduled for December 11. If you’re interested in serving, see Jim Blaha, David Brown, or the one-and-only Charlie Cogan.

Coming Up:

Dec. 18 – Troubadours, Gerhard Meidt, host

Dec. 25 – Merry Christmas. No meeting. Rotary says “Families First.”

Jan. 1 – Forget it! There’s football to watch.