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Cogwheel | Thursday | 9.4.08

September 4, 2008

Today’s Program: Saddle Up: Bike Tour Orientation

Birthdays: Renee Huckle Mittelstaedt and Jean Larson (9/1), Judy Brown-Wescott (9/4), and Bob Lampe, Chris Richardson and Matheus Mattos (9/6).

Next Week: Britta Bloomberg, Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer, “Historic Preservation: The Old and the New” (Wilmot).

Last Week:

So why is Scott Davis always hiding behind a camera lens? He says he likes to take pictures, but I don’t think anyone is buying that.

Yet, photography is his profession. He has a portrait studio, Stone Cottage Studio on Bridge Square, where he spends his time when he is not serving on the city council.

Scott was born in Baudette, Minnesota and grew up the oldest of three. He really did join a carnival out of high school and traveled for a time with it. He then struck off into a world of sales and worked for a variety of retail companies, including Radio Shack and Target. He later sold for software companies in different parts of the country. In 1987, he moved back to Minnesota to work for Northgate Computers and then found his way to Northfield.

In 2000 he became part of Over & Back folklore when he proposed to his wife on stage during a performance. He and Beth Bergmans now reside in the stone house at the corner of Fremont and College.

And back to the photography…Scott explains why he does it:

“If you really enjoy something, that’s what you should be doing.” It’s that simple.

Guests: Beth Bergmans (Williams) Ryota Kimura, our exchange student from Japan (Martin); Elisa Skyttem, our exchange student from Denmark (Vicki Dilley), Riana Dilley (Lee Dilley), Machelle Kendricks (Gett)

Scholarship Enhancement: Jean Larson


Sign up for the bike tour. It’s our largest fundraiser

President Williams announced the Vicki Dilley was selected as an alternative to the district’s Global Study Exchange to India.

Michael O’Donnell, a St. Thomas professor who lives in Northfield, is seeking funding for a five-month media literacy project he will conduct in Armenia.

Happy News: Carl Caskey is happy to be leaving to hike the Superior Trail…Jean Wakely is happy that a new roller derby season begins soon….Peggy Prowe says her granddaughter’s father is interviewing for a job in Northfield…. Jack Hoschouer has been married 41 years.

Coming Up:

Sept. 18 – Tyler Martinson: Back from Sweden (Dilley)

Sept. 25 – South Central College’s engineering program (Blake Abdella)

Welcome exchange students

They and their host families are:

Elisa “Scooter” Skytte of Denmark (Jane and Noel Tetreault)

Ryota Kimura of Japan (Rob and Patricia Martin)

Matheus Mattos of Brazil (Tony and Kristi Huettl)

Pablo Maldonado of Ecuador (Lee and Vicki Dilley)