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Cogwheel | Thursday | 9.18.08

September 18, 2008

Today’s Program: Tyler Martinson, Back from Sweden (Vicki Dilley)

Birthdays: Chris Weber 9/15, Eduardo Wolle 9/18

Next Week: South Central College’s Engineering Program (Blake Abdella)

Last Week:

Britta Bloomberg, Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer from the Minnesota Historical Society, spoke about “Historic Preservation: The Old and the New.” A graduate of Carleton, Britta has been involved with state efforts towards historic preservation for more than 30 years. During the 1950s and 1960s when urban renewal and interstate highway projects led to wholesale demolition of many old buildings and entire neighborhoods, many people became aware of the need to preserve our historic buildings and places. The National Historic Preservation Act, passed in 1966, led to establishment of state historic offices, the National Register of Historic Places, and local community Historic Preservation Commissions. The State Historic Preservation Office fulfills its mission to preserve and promote Minnesota history by working to identify, evaluate, register and protect Minnesota’s historic and archaeological properties, to encourage the development of local history organizations and activities, and to assist government agencies in carrying out their historic preservation responsibilities. Britta gave many examples of Minnesota’s efforts to preserve important structures. Historic preservation can enhance economic development and encourage community cooperation and stewardship.

Guests: Exchange students Elisa “Scooter” Skytte from Denmark, Ryota Kimura from Japan and Matheus Mattos from Brazil; Reagon O’Neill (Pat O’Neill), Ruth Crane (Doug Crane), and Tony Huettl (Mark Quinnell)

Scholarship Enhancement: Mike Flynn (who generously split the proceeds among our exchange students)


The 2008 Jesse James Bike Tour was a huge success! More than 1,300 riders experienced a wonderful demonstration of community cooperation during our club’s major fund raiser. Special thanks to Neil Lutsky, Bike Tour Chair, for his excellent leadership. Also thanks to bike tour committee members, other club members and the many community volunteers who helped make this the best bike tour yet!

The Defeat of Jesse James Craft Fair held at Central Park also provided a nice windfall to our club’s fund raising efforts. Judy Brown-Wescott, Craft Fair Chair, reported that $5,200 was added to our coffers!

Coming Up:

October 2 – Classification Talk by Reggie Haslett-Marroquin

October 9 – Fall Noon Picnic and Program at the

Amermann Pavilion, Jefferson Pkwy at Maple St. So.

Welcome Our Exchange Students

Elisa “Scooter” Skytte from Denmark

Ryota Kimura from Japan

Matheus Mattos from Brazil

Pablo Maldonado from Ecuador