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Rotary Cogwheel: Thursday, Jan. 10, 2008

January 10, 2008

  • Today’s Program: Linnea Johnson, Returning Exchange Student
  • Birthdays: Rotarians around the globe.
  • Next Week: Javier: Hello from Ecuador
  • Last Week:
    Mathew Taylor had his travails during his year in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. But he emerged intact and grateful for the exchange experience.

    The first three months were difficult. He struggled with his Spanish, had far too much alone time with his first host family and found his school experience uninspiring. On top of that, the drivers scared him to death, and he was mugged on Christmas Eve.

    Not the best start, but with the turn of the calendar and a move to his second host family — remember Geri who spent a year in Northfield a couple of years ago? Her family — things turned around.

    “Once I got past that, it was so much fun,” he said. “Everything went so fast and pretty soon, I was home again.”

    Matt was able to travel throughout Bolivia with other  exchange students and found that to be the highlight of his trip. He also observed, sometimes first hand — an extremely dynamic, bordering on incendiary, political scene.

    Matt is now back at Northfield High School and looking forward to a return trip to Bolivia.

  • Condolences: Longtime Rotarian Burton Peterson died on Tuesday, Jan. 1, at the age of 86. The club extends its condolences to his wife, Helen, and his family.
  • Guests: Alex, Javier and Katrin (Quinnell), Matt Reppmann (Yogi), Cliff Taylor (Mittelstaedt) and Kip Coonley (Coonley).
  • Scholarship Enhancement:  Fred Rogers
  • Announcements:
  • There are still tickets to be had for the “To China & Back” midwinter event Saturday, Jan. 26. If you are interested Rick Estenson has them at easy terms.
  • Paul Harris Fellowships are available at a deep discount for a limited time. Bob Will, who should think about a second career hawking furniture on cable, says mega-billionaire Bill Gates needs are help. I think I detected an ironic twinkle in his eye as he uttered that sentiment. Anyway, it all goes to the eradication of polio. See Bob if you want to take advantage of this annual one-time offer.
  • First a teacher/then a bard/Lutsky wants signs/In his yard. See Neil about his Burma Shave Sign Contest. Entries are due on Leap Day, Friday, Feb. 29.
  • Coming Up:
    Jan. 24 – Chinese New Year, Tom Durkin and Rick Estenson
    Jan. 31 – Bill Ostrem – Non-motorized transportation, Safe Routes to School, (Chris Richardson)
    February 7 — (The Other Richardson)
  • New Members
    Steve Ryan — Manager, Paint Products
    Jim Grabau — Sales Genome Sequencing