Environment: Production
Application Name: crportal
Instance Id: 773bfa268ddab40e86c4a46387d400861441e481df507518e27566c3d97fff41
Start up Time, UTC: 8/13/2020 5:11:20 PM
Up Time, s: 82743.28
Branch: refs/heads/production
Revision: 3df9eb7e509c4f70b38d1baf82d5879e9f7ef5aa
Publish Date, UTC: 13 Aug 2020 16:48
Is Custom Domains Secured: False

StartUp Breakdown
Portal Initial Startup: 541
Initializing configuration: 319
Redis Init: 191
Before Accounts Init: 148
Cosmos Cache Init: 296
Get Accounts from DB: 728
Accounts Cache Init: 3
Account Domains Cache Init: 159
Account ShortNames Cache Init: 452
Account Authorized Email Cache Init: 44
Rest of Accounts Cache Init: 26
Extenstions Accounts Init: 615
Security Accounts Init: 259
Service Bus Init: 1026
[clubrunner.localization.appstrings] Init blob context: 0
[clubrunner.localization.apperrors] Init blob context: 0
Translation Init: 187
Rest of Init Init: 116
Service bus queue clients initialization: 3
Total time for BaseWebStartup: 4629