Become a Rotary Exchange Student

The choice is yours

Becoming a Rotary Youth Exchange student is an important decision that will change your life forever. You will experience personal growth in ways that will direct your path forward, for education, vocation and more. Read about the experiences of some of Northfield's outbound students in the following excerpts.


Oscar, Japan, 2019-20, Outbound

In these past five months I have lived in Japan during my time as an exchange student I have learned and enjoyed so many different parts of Japanese culture. But the one thing that has impacted me the most was visiting the museum in Hiroshima. Walking through and hearing all these heartbreaking stories of family either watching their loved ones die in front of them or never knowing what happened to them. Each object collected held so much meaning from the person it belonged to. From a young boy who didn’t care what happened to him so long as his mother was taken care of, to the young girl who died upon the banks of the river with her friends while her mother tried to find them water. Each story has so much pain and meaning behind them. I never really understood the amount of pain and death the atomic bombs caused just reading and seeing pictures in textbooks. But seeing the effects of the bomb from the victims point of view really gave me a greater understanding of the horrendous destruction caused by these bombs. It is something that I will never forget for the rest of my life.

Elsa, Spain, 2019-20, Outbound 


In October I went on a weekend Rotary orientation in Alicante, Spain.  I met all of the other exchange students from District 2203 (one of three districts in Spain) and loved absolutely all of them.  On the first day of the orientation, all of the inbounds had to turn in our phones to our small group leaders for the weekend.  Surprise- I didn't even miss it that much!  The only reason I wish I'd had it was so that I could've wished my older brother a happy 21st birthday.  Love you, B.  That weekend we spent time with Rotex, talking about how our exchange has been so far, about our host families, about school, and everything in between.  Oh how wonderful it felt to relate to others!!  Even though I only just met and spent maybe 48 hours with those people, I can't wait to see them again and feel lucky to have them as friends.  I've never connected with others so quickly in my life before.  I guess staying in close quarters with students going through the same stuff as you withOUT phones really pushes you together.