Rotary Club of Northfield, Minnesota  |  Thursday, April 8, 2021


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Here is the timeline for our regular Zoom calls. On some days there will be slight variations, but not for coming on to the call.  
11:30 -11:45 — Zoom Managers log in and get set up.
11:45 - Noon — Club Members and Guests are invited to join and go into a break out room for casual conversations.
12:10 — ALL Zoom callers are invited back together to begin the meeting. Generally, the meeting will begin with an Invocation, the 4-Way Test, introduction of guests and then introduction of our speaker. Speaker and Questions/ Discussion.
12:40 — (approximate) Birthdays, Announcements, Happy News and more.
1:00 — Meeting is dismissed until next week.
Photo of Mariah Mills Jacobsen     Mariah Mills Jacobsen

Mariah Mills Jacobsen, Minnesota 9/11 and Global War on Terrorism Task ForceNearly 20 years have passed since the deadliest terrorist attack in human history. The Walz administration has assembled a Task Force to identify ways to honor and remember the Minnesotans lost in 9/11 and those who served in the Global War On Terrorism. Hosted by Andrei Sivanich.

Janice Lehmkuhl, 4.13. 
Bill Carlson-37 (4.5.1984); Jon Snodgrass-9 (4.5.2012); Rick Estenson-22 (4.8.1999); Joe Hargis-22 (4.8.1999); Ron Linde-45 (4.8.1976)


Our Rotary Climate Action Team (RCAT) is dedicated to making climate change a strategic priority and to raising awareness, providing education and encouraging individuals and businesses to act in the interest of our planet. 
Mark Your Calendars for Northfield's Earth Day Celebration - Friday, April 23 and Saturday, April 24. See registration and details here and flyer here.
Our Climate Action Statement - Read our climate action statement here.
For additional information about our club’s Rotary Climate Action Team chair, Alan Anderson, at 507-371-4673 or


Thanks to last week's Cogwheel Reporter, Penny Hillemann.


Andy Althoff, Merchants Bank (Rick Estenson)


Vicki Dilley welcomed four new members to the club:
Benjamin Hauser, sponsored by Jesse Steed, works as Director of Service Provider Network for HELIXintel. Eric Runestad, sponsored by Fred Rogers, is VP and Treasurer at Carleton College. Antonio Amador, Jr., sponsored by Todd Thompson, is the Branch Manager at Home Town Credit Union. Lisa Maren Thompson, sponsored by Vicki Dilley, is the International Baccalaureate Coordinator at Sejong Academy of Minnesota. Welcome, all.  

The city's shade tree sale is open now through April 30. More information and the order form are available here. Volunteers are also needed for tree planting on May 22; if you are willing to help, please fill out the interest form on the web page. 

Brad Frago provided a follow-up on last week's Strategic Plan presentation. There will be seven areas in which teams will develop the action plan. All are asked to participate in an area of interest. Look for a separate email coming soon that will include this information.


     Charles Goldstein

Raising the Curtain on Your Second Act, Charles Goldstein. Charles Goldstein is a former Family Practice lawyer and later was in sales and marketing for a Fortune 500 company. He is an author, a longtime member of Toastmasters, a past Rotarian (he says Rotary in St. Louis Park has the best buffet lunch), and now a senior professional in human resources and nationally certified career coach who has found passion in coaching those later in their careers.

In the modern workplace many people have second acts; often there may even be third or fourth acts, or more. Charles discussed the generations currently in the workplace, from Boomers to Millennials. People 40+ may become disenchanted with their work, or experience a midlife crisis — feeling the need to search for meaning, or a sense of time running out to pursue their dreams. Many try to reinvent themselves. This can create an opportunity, but he says if the new start is not well planned it can create angst. 
Charles told the stories of several well-known people who reinvented their careers, some more than once: Harlan Sanders, Ronald Reagan, Harry Truman, Ray Kroc, 
Michael J. Fox and George Foreman. (Charles was asked if he had any stories about women. Surprisingly, he said no one had asked about that before. In the chat, people suggested Mary Kay Ash, Maria Montessori, Chrissy Teigen and Hillary Clinton.)

He described five elements of a successful change of direction:
  • Attitude — Mistakes treated as steppingstones. Researching best approaches. Willingness to take good advice. Persistence.
  • Willingness to pivot — Needed to survive and thrive.
  • Guidance — There is a wealth of information available. The cost of professional guidance is far less than the cost of doing without it, he opined.
  • Timing — When and how to act is important.
  • Discipline — Reporting to oneself or to someone else can help a pivoter stay on track.
Charles says one way out of the doldrums is through deciding, learning and acting. He ended with a poem, "Courage" by Ralph McTell, who wrote the popular song "Streets of London."
The entire April 1 meeting can be viewed here.
Photo of a passenger train   
TUESDAY, April 13 — Suzie Nakasian, Rotary Rail Special: Catch a Train for Northfield! In 2015 over 40 cities, counties, colleges and civic groups in the Northfield and the wider region of south central Minnesota, joined in a grass roots effort to successfully amend the 2010 Minnnesota Statewide Passenger Rail Plan with a new passenger rail corridor designation connecting South Central Minnesota (Albert Lea to the Twin Cities) on existing rail line through Owatonna, Faribault and Northfield. Learn about the two current legislative bills to authorize the state funds needed to continue implementation of passenger rail service for our city and region. For more information on this topic visit This Zoom presentation is hosted by the Northfield Rotary Club. Views expressed may not be the views of the club. (Special presentation next Tuesday at noon. A wider audience has been invited. Space is limited to the first 100 attendees. Join meeting here.)
     Don Stager
April 15 — Don Stager, Classification Talk:  Destinations. Don will introduce himself to the group, describing the journey from exchange student to Rotarian, including the values that led him to Northfield's Rotary Club above all others. Hosted by Richard DeBeau.
Alan Anderson headshot     Alan Anderson
       Lee Dilley
April 22 — Alan Anderson and Lee Dilley, Rotary's New Area of Focus: The Environment. We will review the details of the new focus area, how it relates to climate action, and some of the new opportunities for our club. Hosted by Bruce Morlan.
April 29 — Scott Wopata, Executive Director, Community Action Center, An Update On All Things CAC. A discussion with Northfield Community Action Center leadership on expanding the breadth and depth of the CAC's work, including breaking ground for Hillcrest Village, a zero-energy housing development. Hosted by Alan Anderson.

Vicki's Vision

   Vicki Dilley, President

Dear Friends,
Your Rotary Board will be meeting next week, April 13th at 4 pm, and this is the zoom link.  
We will be covering many details from the ongoing implementation of the Strategic Plan to fundraisers and grant applications and more. 

It is the responsibility of us all, as an organization with a clear calling to come together and reach as far as possible. Sometimes at the beginning of that process it seems impossible, but as life has taught me and I am sure you too, what is not first seen comes into view with some creative thinking. 

I likely have a few more stories about Tuvalu to share and today reminds me of this one.... 

We had not been Peace Corps Volunteers very long before I developed a chronic and painful ear infection that required the Peace Corps to send me to Fiji where I could get more medical care. I left Lee behind on our little island and flew into PC headquarters where I initially stayed with one of the PC Directors and his wife. I made daily trips into the medical clinic to have my ears treated for a fungal infection. Days became weeks and about 5 weeks later I finally had a release from the doctor to be able to return to Tuvalu, 500 miles away. 

The small plane then and still today, does not go more than a couple times a week between the two countries and there is always a waitlist to get a seat on the plane. I was extremely disappointed to learn this the first time I tried to rebook the flight back to Lee, being told it would be months before I could return. The best thing that I could do, they told me, was to go to the Tuvalu Embassy every day to see if there were any diplomats they knew of that were not going to use their seat. 

I did this and I quickly learned there were dozens of everyday Tuvaluans who were also wanting one of these rare seats.... making this possibility for all of us to get back anytime soon seem impossible.
There were so many of us that even if the usual plane was completely empty there would not be enough seats.  This got me thinking of other possibilities.... What if we could afford to pool our resources (what we normally pay for a seat) and we chartered a plane back to Tuvalu? I checked with the airline, yes the numbers worked, we could charter a plane. Next step was to connect with all of these people who were staying all over Suva, no cell phones back then, take their cash and promise them I would be back with a plane ticket for them. Tuvaluans are very trusting (and I think I am pretty trustworthy too) and we did it! We had our chartered international flight paid for and date set!

Meanwhile, back in Tuvalu, Lee was dependent on me to send him a telegraph to let him know what was happening and because it was happening so fast, I did not get him notified before arrival. Also, the folks in Tuvalu were announcing over their national radio broadcast that a special chartered flight was coming in from Fiji and they did not know what 'special diplomats' were aboard the flight. It was a big news item for a day or so. 

Lo and behold, we land and off of the plane comes all of us who had been longing to return 'home' for weeks. I caught the next small flight out to our little island where I surprised Lee with my long overdue homecoming. 
I share this story to remind us that while something may seem insurmountable, with combined resources and suddenly becomes obvious and so very possible! Let's approach the needs ahead of us in this way....take your seat, this international flight is about to take off. Thank you to the Strategic Planning team for all of your good work!

Have a great week!  

Statement of Purpose: Northfield Rotary Club is dedicated to promoting peace and understanding through service and shared experience. We invite people from all corners of the community to join us as we partner with others to support youth, build sustainable infrastructure and preserve our planet.