Rotary Club of Northfield, Minnesota  |  Thursday, June 25, 2020


An announcement from our District’s Rotary Foundation Team: 
We have just over a week of June left, which means we are nearing the end of our PUSH for $400K!  We are doing great so far, so thanks go out to all of you that have contributed to the Annual Fund of The Rotary Foundation so far this month…you are making a difference!  If you haven’t, there is still time…see the information below for easy ways to give! 
Please help us reach our goal of $400,000 of Annual Fund contributions for 2019-20…your contributions will be put to great use impacting the lives of people locally and around the world!
  • GIVING UPDATE: We started the month at $317,000 in contributions this year and so far, through June 16, 318 donors have had contributions recorded for $41,964!  To compare, last year we had 120 donors through June 16!
  • PAUL HARRIS FELLOW OPPORTUNITY: A reminder: for the month of June, if you are in a position to be able to give $365 to The Rotary Foundation Annual Fund-SHARE, some of our “Foundation Champions” will use their recognition points to make you a Paul Harris Fellow!  So far, 36 people have given at least $365…will you join them? This is a great way to recognize you for your efforts in doing good in the world!
If you haven’t given yet, you can do so online: Go to, sign in to your account and click “Donate” in the upper right hand corner.  Make sure you select “Annual Fund”, as those are the funds we use for grants in the future.
Thanks for your continued support of The Rotary Foundation and your help in our PUSH for $400K!
Kyle Haugen, District Rotary Foundation Team Leader
Paul Perez, District Governor
This Week's Meeting
This week's speakers are Anika Rychner and Brent Nystrom on plans for the 4-Way Taste Festival.
John Sinning (6.22), RuthAnna Miller (6.25), Richard Coleman (6.26).

ZOOM in Thursday, June 25, 2020
Members: Watch for a separate email message with login information for this week's Zoom meeting.



Riana Dilley (daughter of Lee and Vicki Dilley)


Juneteenth, June 19, is an unofficial American holiday marking the end of slavery. It is also known as Freedom Day or Jubilation Day. 

Chris Weber is looking for about 10 volunteers to restock about Free Little Libraries with children’s books that can be obtained from Laura Turek at NCRC/Greenvale. Contact Chris if interested.

David Brown says we just sent over $2000 to the Rotary Foundation but we are still looking for donations to help meet the goal. A $365 gift made now will qualify the donor as a Paul Harris Fellow. It is easiest now to go online to donate.

David Stanford announced that this week our dues are supporting HealthFinders Collaborative, Maria's catering group and the Community Action Center.

Exchange student Kopano Tsambalagwa gave updates on what he's been doing: He and his second host family went to Duluth and the North Shore last weekend. He recently appeared on KYMN as a performer in a youth radio play. He reports that his family in Zimbabwe are staying safe and his sister and cousins are continuing with distance learning.


Jim Loe and his wife are celebrating their 26th anniversary.

Penny Hillemann’s adult daughter Hallie will soon be moving back to Minnesota from Nashville.

Vicki Dilley got laid off from her job with a Tanzanian travel group but has applied for unemployment and will slide that way into her already-planned retirement.

David Stanford learned he has retained his job with Delta and will stay local. He reports that Delta has very good statistics on air quality and health.

John and Ann Stull are celebrating their second wedding anniversary.

Word from exchange student Oliver Vopalecký, now back in Slovakia, is that the virus is less threatening there, with no diagnosed cases for the past week. He is working for his dad in a warehouse this summer.


Rick Heidick on Fast for Hope hosted by Barry Carlson.

Rick Heidick’s career included 35 years at 3M. Recently retired, he has been a Rotarian for 11 years, served as president of the Hutchinson club and is currently with Stillwater. He is chair of District 5960’s Fast for Hope initiative in Nicaragua.

The concept is simple: Take the money we would have spent on a single meal, everyone in the district skip that meal, and we apply that to an international project. The goal is just $10 per member. Northfield Rotary has supported FFH with a donation of $500 per year.

These funds don’t have the restrictions that come with Rotary Foundation funding, allowing FFH to be creative, try new ideas, make mistakes and learn, and make a long-term commitment. 

Increasing true impact is the goal – not simply providing aid that may improve quality of life but does not address the root causes of poverty. Influential books with this theme are The End of Poverty by Jeffrey Sachs and Toxic Charity by Bob Lupton. 

FFH has been working with the Nicaraguan community of El Corozo, partnering with local organization Kairos on projects such as a children's program, a women's group, a health care initiative, a reading program, a community center, water supply and a road project. These are worthy projects but do not solve the underlying issues. 

Now they have a new partnership with Opportunity International, an organization focused on microlending with a vision to end extreme poverty in our lifetime. OI developed a yucca processing plant and agricultural changes designed to improve crop success. They opened a technical school offering agribusiness and hospitality degrees, then created a nice lodge and spa to generate revenue for OI and create internship opportunities for the students.

FFH will work with one community identified by OI as a pilot for partnership to learn and apply OI’s principles. They will also continue the relationship with Kairos/El Corozo on a limited, project-specific basis. 

OI is excited to work with Rotary on a larger scale. FFH can bring this model to other Rotary districts and expand to more Nicaragua communities.

To get involved with FFH, pledge $10 and consider participating in a future cultural delegation. Contact Rick at to learn more or to get his reading list.


July 2 — Club Meeting, Transfer of Power (B. Carlson and V. Dilley)

July 9 — Richard Huston, Polio Eradication in Pakistan (Cogan)

July 16 — Rick Olson, Ugandan School Project/Roteract

July 23 — Todd Jenkins, Rotary Diversity and 2020 (V. Dilley)

Barry Carlson, President

Barry's Buzz

Dear Rotarians,
I sit here writing my final Barry’s Buzz at 4:23 a.m. as your President of Northfield Rotary Club. (You can write this early when you are retired because you can always go back to bed and sleep in!) The sun has yet to rise on another beautiful day, but the many birds are singing away! Thank you for the honor of serving this great group this year!!
This week at our Zoom meeting we will hear from Anika Rychner and Brent Nystrom, representing the 4-Way Taste Festival, updating us on how we are going to proceed on our first club fundraiser of the year. The committee has traveled thru many “twists and turns” during the pandemic but now have a great fundraiser planned, ready to share ... and to enlist our help! Please tune in.
It was brought to my attention that I and the board may not have been “formally” voted in last year ... so Thursday we will make sure that our new board is elected.  (My leadership style is rather informal so I guess that was fitting.) Thank you to our 2020-21 board that is stepping up next year to make our club even better!
President - Vicki Dilley
Pres elect/membership - Todd Thompson
Secretary - Kari Nelson
Treasurer - David Stanford
PR & Communications-Rick Esse
International Service - Need to fill
Community Service - Andrei Sivanich
Vocational Service - Jake Conway
Club Service -Tony Huettl
While I look back people say to me “what a wild year to serve as President of our club” (past Presidents would say every year is wild!). Reflecting during this pandemic and movement to fight social injustice and racism I still see that our club had a great year!
  • 3 international projects in Togo, Tanzania and Guatemala
  • 6 exchange students from around the world with us in Northfield and 12 from Northfield sent abroad
  • we delivered meals-on-wheels, served dinner at The Key for youth and packed boxes at the CAC food shelve
  • we read to children in our schools, collected books and filled the little libraries around town
  • we dressed up in Halloween costumes, wore Ugly Sweaters, had  a Valentines Party and celebrated 95 years as a club with cupcakes
  • we raised over $100,000 at our three fundraisers, 4 Way Taste,  JJD Bike Tour and Turkey Trot, all proceeds going back to our communities here and abroad ... and we all volunteered to make these successful
  • we led an Ethics retreat at our school for youth
  • we were co-sponsors for a Human trafficking seminar
  • we were co-sponsors of the State of the City Address
  • RCAT became a stronger presence, both locally with 2 new EV stations installed in town, but also nationally and internationally as a model  
  • we provided support to HCI, Rice Co United Way, Habitat for Humanity, CAC, CROP, Mills Town Trail, Ruths House, Northfield Arts Guild. Northfield Library, Northfield YMCA, Union for Youth and many other local orgs that slip my mind this early in the morning
  • we welcomed 13 new members
  • we awarded two $3,000 student scholarships
  • we supported Polio+, the foundation, Braver Angels and Fast for Hope
All this and more! We have great volunteers, committee chairs. A committed board and all you wonderful members! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  My hope is that during the year you all got a personal thank you from me ... I tried to keep that front and center. Now, time to head back to bed for a little snooze. 
Take it from here Vicki!!!!
Blessings, thanks again, stay safe ... go and serve!

Statement of Purpose: Northfield Rotary Club is dedicated to promoting peace and understanding through service and shared experience. We invite people from all corners of the community to join us as we partner with others to support youth, build sustainable infrastructure and preserve our planet.