Rotary Club of Northfield, Minnesota  |  Thursday, August 20, 2020

Social Distancing Special event at Estenson's, September 10, 5:30 p.m. 

Sack meals will be provided by Maria, no regularly scheduled meeting. Please bring your own beverage. No agenda, just seeing each other and evening conversations. Please bring your significant other. A survey will be sent out so that we can know you are coming and how many sack meals we should provide. Be sure and wear your mask. Our new yellow polo shirts are available ... ladies and mens, $20 each, pick up at the event!
As you likely heard, we are guaranteeing to pay Maria for 30 meals each week. If you want to get one of those meals, order what you want, when you want at Kahlo's, each meal is worth $10, if you go over that amount, you can pay the balance. In order to use this offer, please say the password:  Dilley. You will be asked to write your name in a notebook.   Please let me know if you have any questions. Some of these meals will be also used by the CAC and The Union of Youth (KEY) and the Senior Center. The week of September 10th, we will use the meals for our event at Estenson's.  


Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin, Regenerative Agriculture Hosted by Lee Dilley

Reggie Haslett-Marroquin

Richard Schulte (8.20)Amy Goerwitz (8.22).
Matt Hillmann (8.20.2009), Bob Flaten (8.21, 1997), Robert Craig (8.21.2011), Caleb Breyer (8.21.2019).

ZOOM in Thursday, August 20, 2020 at 11:45 a.m.
Zoom in here at 11:45 for casual conversation in a break out room before joining the regular meeting at 12:10.



Kopano (DeBeau).


Mark Abbott, our new chair of the International Committee reported on the recent board meeting. Three key motions were passed: 1. We will continue to donate $250 per week to the Northfield Community Action Center; $250 per week on a rotating basis to other Northfield area organizations and $300 per week to Maria's catering. 2. As part of the commitment to continue our support of Maria, the club will receive 30, $10 meal vouchers per week for the use of Rotarians and people in need. 3. The club will waive the meal portion of our dues for members facing financial difficulties as a result of the current pandemic.

Brent Nygaard reported that the 4-Way Taste Virtual SummerFest netted around $10,000, exceeding expectations and last year's revenue.


Rachel Marzahn, a founding member of the South Metro Rotaract Club and a Lakeville Rotarian, gave an update on Rotaract.
Worldwide, there are 203,298 members in 10,698 Rotaract Clubs representing 180 countries. Rotaract is for young adults age 18 to around 30. In the Twin Cities there are three clubs — Twin Cities Rotaract in St. Paul Midway, South Central Rotaract at South Central College, and South Metro Rotaract.
South Central Rotaract, sponsored by the Prior Lake and Lakeville Rotary Clubs, was chartered in 2019 with 11 members. It now has 30 members and views its roll as partnering to keep Rotary moving forward. The club's vision is "We are Change Makers." They have monthly meet-ups and work on a monthly service projects. 
Rick Olson
Rick Olson, Prior Lake Rotarian, shared the story of the Nakivale Rotaract Club in Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Uganda, and what that has led to the Best Future School, the site of some Prior Lake Rotary Club projects.
Rick described the refugee settlement as being a "grim situation," lacking in many of the basic necessities of life. The Prior Lake club raised $5739 for the school to build a kitchen and a water supply tank. They recently applied for a $65,000 Rotary Global Grant, and expect to hear word their application by November.
Rick said the moral of the story is, "When you do good for others, you never know how much good you really do. Like throwing a pebble in a pond, you never know how far the ripples spread."
To learn more about Best Future School, visit 
View the entire August 13th meeting here.



August 27 — Kopano (Penny Hillemann) plus Children's Day

September 3 — Terry Friedrichs and Bill Keilty, Creative and Critical Thinking Skills of Our Students (Larry Fowler)

September 10 — No regular meeting. Sack Picnic with Social Distancing at the Estenson Event Center.

Vicki's Vision

Vicki Dilley, President

Dear Rotary Friends,

What kind of difference does Rotary really make in the world, in our community and in the lives of those we touch?    
I think I have had a pretty amazing life and one of the reasons I say that was the many years I got to walk alongside so many young people involved in Rotary Youth Exchange. I am still enriched today from those days ... just this last week three of those students reached out to me so we could talk.   
Last Thursday two young men asked to have dinner with me, so we went to Kahlo's and sat outside at Armory Square and talked about their upcoming adventures ... one is going to Mexico City where he can distance study from his northern Minnesota college and the other is taking a semester at Carleton and doing it in Copenhagen. Over and over they talked about this strong urge and curiosity about the world, wanting to explore more of it and feeling so confident. They had done it once on their Rotary year abroad and they knew for certain they could tackle any of the obstacles that were still ahead of them. A couple years beyond that time of going to high school in a new country, they could clearly now see the most challenging moments were now their best assets, it made them stronger and more certain of what they are capable of. Their hearts were drawn to people who were different and they knew they had a lot to learn from those differences. They both felt like they had friends around the world and all they needed to was ask to come and visit.  
Then, on Sunday, a wonderful young woman asked to come and visit on our patio and just share some ideas with me.  Of course, I would make room for this opportunity any day. She is now out of college and is so eager to see what lies ahead for her. The world is literally her  world to explore, once the borders open up again and it is safe to travel, but I reminded her that this is a time to slow down and reflect and discover what is right before her. The ways she is able to articulate what she understands and the way she sees the world makes me wonder if I was half as wise as she is at her age.   
Even telling you now of the rewards I felt in having these conversations with these three young people, is challenging. What I would most want to share with you at this time is ''' Rotary does some really amazing and great things and what we have done in the Youth Exchange program is help shape these young people into tomorrow's wise and experienced citizens, I always plant a seed with them that we need them in Rotary one day, to carry on the legacy of Service above Self ... and they totally get it and assure me that that is their dream too.  
Knowing this, is knowing our future is bright and good hands.  
In Service to Rotary, 
P.S. Next week Kopano will be presenting about Zimbabwe. It is also "Bring your child to Rotary Day." We want to see these cheery faces and we want to offer them a chance to share Happy News, give us some Announcements and learn what Rotary is about. I think they will learn a bit about Zimbabwe too, and perhaps they want to start dreaming about being a Rotary Youth Exchange Student!  

Statement of Purpose: Northfield Rotary Club is dedicated to promoting peace and understanding through service and shared experience. We invite people from all corners of the community to join us as we partner with others to support youth, build sustainable infrastructure and preserve our planet.