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   Kendall George

Kendall George, Information Security Officer for Carleton and St. Olaf Colleges, How to Stop Worrying and Start Cyber. Hosted by Amy Goerwitz. Kendall George is a cybersecurity professional with nearly three decades of information technology experience. He will begin his presentation with a terrifying description of the dangers of the Internet. Then he will provide way too many things you can do to make living in the 21st century safer. More importantly, he'll provide just a few things you can do right away to start worrying a lot less immediately. 

Janine Atchison and Sharon Flaten (3.4); Pat O'Neill (3.5); Ann Leming (3.6).
Janine Atchison5-13 (3.2.2016).


Our Rotary Climate Action Team (RCAT) is dedicated to making climate change a strategic priority and to raising awareness, providing education and encouraging individuals and businesses to act in the interest of our planet. 
Our Climate Action Statement - Read our climate action statement here.

For additional information about our club’s Rotary Climate Action Team chair, Alan Anderson, at 507-371-4673 or


Thanks to last week's Cogwheel Reporter, Trisha Duncan.
Todd Thompson talked about the response for strategic planning. Dave Schaefer will lead the session like he did in 2017. The record for the most survey responses of over 60. The record that want to attend, which is 32, but we trimmed to 22, or the facilities said it would take too long. Appreciate all the interest. The writing exercise will be sent to all and the ideas will be represented at the sessions — Monday at 6:30 p.m. and Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. Invites have been sent to the 22 who are attending the session. Need to register for both days. Let Todd know if you cannot attend and had originally wanted to, then others can attend from the wait list.
Chris Weber; Paul Harris presentation receives a plus 5 pin.
Share the Love campaign is ongoing 30 members have contributed to the Foundation. Over $7,500 given through the organization, others who have given directly are appreciated also.
Rainy Day Foundation: sent out thank you cards. Vickey will send out what we’ve done through email.
Zoom link for the meeting will be changed. Vickey will send an email with of the new link. Cogwheel will also include the new link, which goes out every Wednesday.
Fred Rogers wants to bring a new member and would like to know the process. Go to the Northfield Rotary website and have them fill out the application. 
Jeff mentioned error messages on the club website. VickI will help with that.


   Jennyffer Barrientos

   Natalia Marchan

Jennyffer Barrientos, Growing Up Healthy Director, Northfield and Natalia Marchan, Growing Up Healthy Director, Faribault, Reducing Energy Burden in Rice County Mobile Homes. Growing Up Healthy, the City of Northfield and the City of Faribault are collaborating to connect low-income, Latinxs residents living in Faribault and Northfield mobile home parks with Xcel Energy's Home Energy Squad initiative and weatherization supplies, in order to help families improve the energy efficiency of their homes. Hosted by Beth Kallestad.

Natalia and Jennyffer had a presentation she shared with the group. Jennyffer mentioned serving 540 mobiles homes between Faribault and Northfield. The organization was founded in 2007 and founded by immigrant (latinex and somali) community leadership because they felt left out and wanted to inform and educate to others in the community about the barriers they were facing. They started gathering with neighbors and talking with those in Rice County. This is how Growing Up Healthy started.

Natalia and Jennyffer provided their background information. Jen grew up in Northfield and is how raising her family in Northfield. She talked about the struggles she encountered over her life. Natalia was born in Peru and lived here starting in grade school in Northfield. Natalia went to group for social work, however activism in deep in her roots and very meaningful to her.

Natalia shared GUH mission: “We envision a Rice County in which diverse populations are connected to each other and are active participants in creating a community where all families thrive. We work with partner organizations and families to transform communities through cultivating neighborhood leadership, fostering social connectedness, and collectively advocating for systems-level change. They really talk with the community before starting any new program, as the organization is community initiatives. Various programs around children have been developed, along with families and caregiver programs. They do a lot of neighborhood outreach, which is where their office really is. The Home Energy support program connects mobile homeowners with energy resources. 833 Rice County community members they have connected with.

Strategies and solutions for the organization include; 

  • Build ongoing, trusting relationships;     
    • Staff, neighborhood leaders
  • Elevate community voice;
    • Collaborating community partnerships with faith community, community action programs, county services 
  • Train the trainers; 
    • Xcel Energy Partners in Energy and Home Energy Squad visits (74 visits), climate action plan development, slipstream hands on training.
  • Combine funding and resources, remove barriers.
    • Housing and redevelopment authority (HRA), home-visiting programs, CERTS winterization kids.

Jen talked about the photos in the presentations which included; 1) CERTS kits were handed out in Northfield to mobile home parks. Including in the kits are winterization checklists to prep their home for the winter, window seals, expanding foam to help with gaps in the wind comes in their homes. 2) The train the trainer event with Emmaus and Slipstream was a success also.

The Home Energy Squad visits also allow for the staff to enter the homes and provide additional resources and understand their needs more.

Grants and partnerships with CERTS, City of Northfield, City of Faribault, Xcel Energy, Hosanna Church, Slipstream and Emmaus Church have helped fund Growing Up Healthy.

Natalia spoke about Caregiver organizing and educating caregivers of families with children. November 2020 started a fellowship called “no data about us without us”. 191 CERTS kits distributed in Northfield, and 279 in Faribault. They work with five mobile homes in Faribault. Families really appreciated the kits. They also identified more needs from the families during these visits.

Natalia referenced a video that shows their great work. She will share the link with Beth to share out to the larger group.

They are always looking for time and talent and funding. Expertise in plumbing, heating and roof repairs are critical. Funding to Community Action Center helps fund Growing Up Healthy. Families —

Jean questions about Faribault and if the work is helping Somali families, or only latinex. Somali resettlement center in Faribault is helping those in Faribault. 

Scott asked about what other hurdles besides housing is important to this group. Natalia said in Faribault accessibility and information in Spanish would be very helpful. Because of the pandemic, food access has also been a large need. Food shelf will be across from the community trailer in Faribault at the Cannon River mobile home park. Transpiration is also an issue. Jen said Northfield is very similar to the issues in Faribault. 

Charlie asked about the churches involved and if there are others besides Emmaus and Hosanna. Natalia said these are the only two in Northfield involved. 

Tony asked about emergency housing and if homelessness is an issue. Natalia said there isn’t much help. Getting into shelters is hard. CAC and Salvation Army have been providing vouchers to hotels. Churches have also opened their place temporarily for families. Families turn on their stoves for heat when furnaces don’t work.

Bruce commented about obtaining information on where they work and if they are commuting. Most families commute outside of Northfield. 

The entire February 25th meeting can be viewed here.


   Sambath Ouk  

March 11 — Sambath Ouk, Equity and Multilingual
Program Coordinator Faribault Public Schools, Overcoming Cultural Dissonance. Hosted by Beth Kallestad. The presentation will focus on uncovering unintentional events that may lead to cultural dissonance and discuss things a community can do to overcome it. The presentation will be told through the personal autobiography of the presenter.

    Drew Weis

March 17 — Drew Weis, How to Quickly Calm the Body and Clear the Mind. Learn to quickly reduce stress, panic or agitation with three kinds of strategies, including kid-friendly options for grandkids and other little ones in your life. Hosted by Scott Richardson.

March 25 — Rotary Club of Northfield's Strategic Planning Results.

Vicki's Vision

   Vicki Dilley, President

Dear Friends,
I am writing this note to you on Wednesday morning. Generally I write it on Monday or Tuesday, but I waited this week until the completion of our 2 day Strategic Planning sessions.  
First, let me thank Todd Thompson, President-Elect, for organizing us all and working with our very qualified District trainers. Todd often had a moving target with folks saying they could be a part of this, then finding a scheduling conflict, more folks volunteered than our quota (what a problem to have!). Still, I think he achieved a good representation of our club with some fairly new members, some not-so-long and a few long haulers. The gender was fairly balanced and the different interests groups were represented (Youth Exchange, Climate Action and others, for example). I do apologize to those of you who wanted to be a part of the early visioning, but there is still LOTS of opportunity for you to get on the Strategic Plan that is moving on into the next 3 years with deliberate forethought. 
We have tentatively scheduled March 25th to present these new ideas and plans to the entire club. Please put it on your calendar to be sure and be there.  We will be calling for "all hands on deck" to implement and carry this forward. Please be thinking about where YOU fit into that and be ready to raise your hand.  We are a people of action. 
There were quite a few "big nuggets"that surfaced, but I will list just a few of them here, giving you something to think about. "What will our club look like in 2024?" ... We will have created, recruited and diversified our membership (still appreciating every single one of our current members!). Service is fun. Our membership mirrors our demographics in Northfield. Our work in climate action will be a draw for potential younger members. We are engaged in community projects that address affordable housing.  We have come up with some fun, creative, new fundraisers and enhanced the ones we are already doing. We are all giving to the Rotary Foundation and we have a clear path to estate planning, with our own club as a beneficiary. Our meeting times and platforms will have changed to meet this growing membership.   
Ok, that is just the start, stay tuned to learn more on March 25th.
Thank you to all who participated and were so fully engaged. We sure can make a difference when we are working together! See you on Thursday!  

Statement of Purpose: Northfield Rotary Club is dedicated to promoting peace and understanding through service and shared experience. We invite people from all corners of the community to join us as we partner with others to support youth, build sustainable infrastructure and preserve our planet.