"Rainbow Rock" and other books by our former club president
Jun 15, 2023
Dan Jorgensen
"Rainbow Rock" and other books by our former club president

"Rainbow Rock", is book by our former club president Dan Jorgensen.  "Rainbow Rock" is a mystery-thriller and has won several national awards and is nominated for the Thriller Writers International's “Best Original Paperback Book” award. The book was featured in the Northfield News and in an interview on KYMN.   Dan has been speaking to Rotarians all across the nation, and has pledged support for both the Polio Plus and Adult Literacy programs. 

He has won awards for his creative writing, newspaper feature writing and educational public relations work.

In addition to writing many hundreds of news and sports articles and feature stories, both as a journalist and in public relations, he also is the author of 9 books, including the award-winning bestsellers "And The Wind Whispered" and "Killer Blizzard." His newest book is the mystery/adventure "Rainbow Rock."

He also has written 3 songs, a one- act play; contributed to 2 anthologies, and is a frequent presenter on the topics “Storytelling―From Journalism to Creative Writing” and “The Writing Life.” He also writes the blog “A Writer’s Moment.”

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