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Rotary Cogwheel | April 12.2018

April 10, 2018

Today’s Program | Thursday, April 12, 2018

Today: Jeff McLaughlin, Classification

Next Week: Amy Jivavitoonkit, Exchange Student (Ischler)

Birthdays: Janice Lehmkuhl (4/13), Wayne Abdella (4/17), Denny Hanson (4/19)

Statement of Purpose: Northfield Rotary Club is dedicated to promoting peace and understanding through service and shared experience. We invite people from all corners of the community to join us as we partner with others to support youth, build sustainable infrastructure and preserve our planet. 

Last Week: Wokie Daboh thanked the club for our help with Project Blackboard in Liberia, one of the poorest countries in the world. The teachers and students there are very thankful for the work that has been accomplished; including rehabilitated and rebuilt classrooms, a shipment of 30,000 books, and resources for the students and teachers. Wokie works at Medtronic and was recently named to the Top 40 under 40 list in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal.

Jan Stevens has been selling real estate for 28 years and will soon celebrate her 50th wedding anniversary. She introduced Beatriz Rebello as an A student, and thanked her for the delicious Brazilian food and candy which we enjoyed at lunch. Bia shared about her life in Brazil, the largest country in South America, which boasts the most beautiful beach in the world. Brazilians speak Portuguese and Sao Paulo has the largest population in the country. The capital city was originally Rio, and was later changed to Brazilia for a more central geographic location. The Amazon Rain Forest is often referred to as “the lungs of the world” because of all the oxygen it produces.

Bia is from Recife on the east coast, near the ocean where the average temperature is 78 degrees. Her club is Rotary Recife, which is the third largest in Brazil. It was founded in 1931 and has 121 members, ten of which are women. Bia’s dad is Artur, her mom is Michelline, her 14-year-old sister is Malu and her beloved dog is Meli. Bia attends a large and traditional Catholic school, founded in 1896. They were uniforms and don’t change classrooms during the day. For fun, Bia and her friends spend time outside at the beach, the park or the pool. Because again…78 degrees is the average temperature. Food in Brazil includes fresh bread every morning, fresh produce, black beans and pork, and churasco. Since Brazil is famous for its meat, there are not many vegetarians. The condensed milk candies that Bia made for us are a staple at every good birthday party. 

She lives in an apartment building which is 15 minutes from the beach by car and 10 minutes from school on foot. Most people live in apartments due to population density. Bia’s hobby is photography and she takes beautiful nature photos. During her time in Northfield, Bia has lived with host families the Aylins, Hoffs and Huettls. She enjoys the people in Northfield most, including their respectful attitudes and generosity with personal space. She has eaten at Fogo de Chao twice and love it. In the future she would like to attend college abroad and travel to Asia.

Guests: Our speaker Bia brought guests Andrea and Elsa Hoff, the Aylin Family, Kristi & Tony Huettl, Toui Mohlke, and 2018 outbound students Aaron, Emmett, Julia and Cully. Wokie Daboh was a guest of Richard Maus.

Scholarship Enhancement: John Ehresmann


–Today we will be presenting the Rotary Good Neighbor Award. The winner was considered for having given expression to the Rotary motto, ‘service above self,’ by performing selfless acts of kindness or service that contribute to a stronger, more cohesive community. They must be a resident of the Northfield School District. Rotary members and their family members are not eligible.

–Kim Briske became our 80th Paul Harris Fellow. She gives to support people of action.

–There will be an Earth Day Celebration on April 21 in Downtown Northfield. See Alan for posters or more information.

–If you would like to participate in the Laura Baker Golf Tournament fundraiser, see Andre for details.

Our 2017-18 outbound students are:
Madison Asp — Finland

Joan Erickson — Argentina

Annika Fisher— South Africa

Bergen Hoff — Czech Republic/Slovakia

Emma Iverson — Spain

Alex Kovach — Japan

Joseph Kreis — Italy

Benjamin (Ben) Mohlke — Brazil

Piper Nelson — Germany

Jenna Olien — South Korea

Jack Overstreet — Brazil

Gregory Pelletier — Argentina

Espen Richardson — Norway

Elizabeth (Betsy) Schuerman — Denmark

Allison (Al) Weise — Thailand

Coming Up:

April 26 – Trobadours, Singing to the Club (Morey)

May 10 – Andrei Sivanich and Sandi Gerdes, Developmental Disability Awareness (Sivanich)

May 17 – Susan Brower, MN State Demographics (Blaha)

May 24 – No lunch meeting, Student graduation party at Rick Estenson’s