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Rotary Cogwheel | 11.16.2017

November 14, 2017

Today’s Program | Thursday, November 16, 2017

Today: The Life and Times of George Davis, Classification (Stevens)


Birthdays: Carl Caskey (11/14), Jim Prichard and Matt Rich (11/17), Teresa Jensen (11/19), Kim Briske (11/22) and Art Monaghan (11/25).

Statement of Purpose: Northfield Rotary Club is dedicated to promoting peace and understanding through service and shared experience. We invite people from all corners of the community to join us as we partner with others to support youth, build sustainable infrastructure and preserve our planet. 

New Members: Kelly Dennis (Caskey), Barbara Zebe Johnson (Hager-Dee) and Karen Allawala (Bierman) were formally inducted into the club. Kelly is new to Rotary. Barbara is new to us, but not new to Rotary. She was formerly a member in Duluth, and Karen is returning to the club after time away. We are delighted to have all of them in the fold. 

In Remembrance: The club acknowledged the passing of Ray Cox, a former member, with a moment of silence. Ray died November 3rd at the age of 66. His funeral will be Saturday, Nov. 25, 10:30 a.m. at First UCC Church in Northfield.

Last Week:
Herbert Quello, Counsel General of Germany, based in Chicago, said despite President Trump’s criticism of NATO and his aversion to multi-lateral agreements, Germany seeks to maintain a good trans-Atlantic relationship with the United States.

Herbert said Trump’s rhetoric is troubling, but the benefits of continued collaboration are many. He said Germany is grateful for the Marshall Plan following World War II and our country’s ongoing support and security. Germany and the U.S. need to work cooperatively to check Russia’s rising ambitions, he said.

The under-staffing of our State Department is a concern to Germany, he said. And, yes, Germans do take President Trump seriously, even his tweets. “He is the president of the United States,” Herbert said.

Germany faces its own challenges navigating a shifting political landscape. Following this fall’s election, Herbert predicts Angela Merkel will return as chancellor for a fourth four-year term. But she will have to use all of her diplomatic skills to form a coalition government. Her Christian Democratic Party, center-right, and the Social Democratic Party, center left, lost ground in this year’s election. A fringe nationalist party, AFD, is flexing new muscle. It garnered only 13 percent of the vote, but now is the third largest party in the federal parliament. Herbert called it a wake-up call for his country as it deals with rising numbers of immigrants.

Herbert, who accompanied our singing earlier in the meeting on his harmonica, touched briefly on his love affair with the instrument and the blues.

Guests: Bebe Diehl, Georgene Malecha, Moira Hall, Wayne Eddy, George and Sharon Glotsbash (Yogi); Brenda and Jack Sieloft (Williams); and Mark Ross and David Hudson (Morlan).

Scholarship Enhancement: Must be present to win? I don’t think so. Michelle Lasswell, in abstentia


— Promote, promote, promote, that is the secret to making our 17th annual Thanksgiving Turkey Trot a success. Rob Bierman, committee chair, said we have 669 participants pre-registered. Our Turkey Trot pages have been viewed 7,500 times in 15 different countries. He reminded us to bring a food item next week to jump start the food donation feature of the event.

— Scott Wopata encouraged members to consider donating to The Key on Give to the Max Day, today. The organization is in line for six to one match.

— Jan Stevens advised us of two Vintage Band musical events coming our during December. Tuba Christmas, now a Vintage Band event, will be held Saturday, Dec. 2, at Carleton College. The Copper Street Brass, a festival favorite, will be performing Friday evening, Dec. 8, at St. John’s Church.

Our 2017-18 outbound students are:
Madison Asp — Finland

Joan Erickson — Argentina

Annika Fisher— South Africa

Bergen Hoff — Czech Republic/Slovakia

Emma Iverson — Spain

Alex Kovach — Japan

Joseph Kreis — Italy

Benjamin (Ben) Mohlke — Brazil

Piper Nelson — Germany

Jenna Olien — South Korea

Jack Overstreet — Brazil

Gregory Pelletier — Argentina

Espen Richardson — Norway

Elizabeth (Betsy) Schuerman — Denmark

Allison (Al) Weise — Thailand

Coming Up

November 30 — Shelly Holden, Classification (Nordine)

December 7 — Dorothy Ishler, Classification (Wakely)

December 14 — Andrew Ehrman and Betsy Allister, Spring Wind Farm (Morlan)

December 21 — Laura Turek, Northfield Promise Literacy Team (Weber)