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Rotary Cogwheel | 08.24.2017

August 23, 2017

Today’s Program | Thursday, August 24, 2017

Today: Charles Richardson, Experiences in Cuba (Prowe)

Next Week: Andrew Oftedal, Parks and Trails Council (Prowe and Schulte)

Birthdays: Richard Schulte (8/20)

Statement of Purpose: Northfield Rotary Club is dedicated to promoting peace and understanding through service and shared experience. We invite people from all corners of the community to join us as we partner with others to support youth, build sustainable infrastructure and preserve our planet. 

Welcome New Inbound Students:

Sarah from South Korea and Pau of Spain arrived last week and attended their first meeting. Sarah is staying with the Dilleys and Pau is with Paul, Susie and Will Beaumaster. More to come.

Last Week:
Vicky Dilley believes Rotary changed Wanzita Ally’s life. Her experience here in Northfield has allowed her to imagine a life beyond her subsistence existence in rural Tanzania. 

After graduation, Wanzita returned home to a life consumed with gathering firewood, hauling water and working the cornfields. But the seed of a brighter future had been planted during her exchange experience. She is aiming for more education in hopes of becoming a community health provider or a nurse.

This happened because of an experiment by the North Star Youth Exchange Program to bring a student to our area who had never thought they had an opportunity or a reason to spend a year in the United States. Northfield, because of Vicki’s work in Tanzania with Safari and her passion for youth exchange, became a willing partner in this project.

Vicki said she had many concerns about bringing to Minnesota a young woman who had never been far from her village and lacked both a birth certificate and a passport. But Wanzita’s year in Northfield was a success. She received a good education and was invited to dream of the possibilities before her.

Wanzita’s story has just begun, Vicki said.

“We really did change someone’s life,” Vicki said. “We are making a difference one student at a time.”

Like many, Kari Nelson’s kids led her to Rotary. Two of her three kids were outbound exchange students. She now is involved in North Star Youth Exchange as a country officer for Brazil.


Gabby Estrada, a 2015-16 outbound student to France, now a Macalester College student, read an essay she wrote about her experience helping organize “A Day Without Immigrants” last winter.

Immigrants help build communities, she said; they don’t destroy them.

Guests: Jesse Steed (S. Richardson), Janice Lehmkuhl (Hager Dee), Mark Mohlke (Yogi), Kelly Chang (Hoschouer) and Luis Dominquez (Luis).

Scholarship Enhancement: David Wolf, more treasure for the treasurer.

— President Wakely announced that four new committees have been added to our organizational structure. They are: Climate Change Action Committee under International Service, chaired by Alan Anderson; Ethics Committee under Community Service, chaired by David Koenig; Club Mentors under Club Service, chaired by Barry Carlson; and Beer Tasting Event under Fundraising, chaired by Chris Heineman.

— Mary Hahn is hosting a German student on a short-term exchange. Say “hello” to Mikka when you see him.

Our 2017-18 outbound students are:
Madison Asp — Finland

Joan Erickson — Argentina

Annika Fisher— South Africa

Bergen Hoff — Czech Republic/Slovakia

Emma Iverson — Spain

Alex Kovach — Japan

Joseph Kreis — Italy

Benjamin (Ben) Mohlke — Brazil

Piper Nelson — Germany

Jenna Olien — South Korea

Jack Overstreet — Brazil

Gregory Pelletier — Argentina

Espen Richardson — Norway

Elizabeth (Betsy) Schuerman — Denmark

Allison (Al) Weise — Thailand

Coming Up

September 7 — Bike Tour Chalk Talk (R&R, Rich and Reese)

September 14 — Superintendent Matt Hillmann, The State of Our Schools (Heineman)

September 21 — Dr. Steve Soderlind, New Book: “Liberty and Laissez Faire”

September 28 — Lew Anderson, Destiny Rescue USA (Hoschouer)