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Rotary Cogwheel | 08.17.2017

August 15, 2017

Today’s Program | Thursday, August 17, 2017

Today: Vicki Dilley, District Grant — Bunk Beds in Tanzania

Next Week: Charles Richardson, Experiences in Cuba (Prowe)

Birthdays: Leo Lawlor (8/15)

Statement of Purpose: Northfield Rotary Club is dedicated to promoting peace and understanding through service and shared experience. We invite people from all corners of the community to join us as we partner with others to support youth, build sustainable infrastructure and preserve our planet. 

Last Week:
The Rice County Dispute Resolution Program (RCDRP) promotes mediation as a way of resolving disputes between individuals without resorting to contentious litigation.

Katie Arnold, the executive director, says a roster of trained volunteers serve as facilitators to help people resolve disputes on their own terms.

“It’s giving people an opportunity to speak and be heard,” she said.

Mediation is a voluntary process. The mediator maintains order, a safe environment and makes sure all parties involved are heard. The mediator does not decide who is right or wrong but helps all parties involved reach an agreement that is acceptable to all involved.

Katie is a teacher by training. She found her work in the classroom often involved social work as much as academic instruction. She moved to Northfield with her husband and family in 2005. For the past five years, she has taught social emotional curriculum in the elementary schools, which gives kids the vocabulary and the tools to resolve disputes amicably. Her husband, Carl Arnold, a local attorney, suggested mediation might be something she would enjoy, and she has.

Eduardo Wolle, a former Northfielder, founded RCDRP in 2001. It is a nonprofit. Its services provided by volunteer attorneys and volunteer mediators are free. They handle between 60 and 65 cases a year.

The organization also promotes mediation through community school clinics at Greenvale Park and one in Faribault. In June, it launched a restorative justice initiative as an alternative to juvenile detention centers. The program provides a forum for victims to share their experience with an offender and hold the offender accountable.

Katie said RCDRP is searching for a new name, but it services will remain the same. Volunteers are always welcome. They need to complete 30 hours of training and another 20 hours shadowing a mediator.

If you have questions, contact Katie

Bruce Morlan shared that he is a volunteer with Rice County Dispute Resolution Program. He enjoyed the training and finds it a rewarding experience.

Jean’s leadership quote of the day: “All good performance starts with clear goals.”  — Ron Bernstein, author and coach.

Guests: Angelica Dietz and Mar Valdecantos (Morlan); Gail Bartolo, an outbound exchange student to Norway in 2015-16, (V. Dilley); and Jennifer Novak (Rich).

Scholarship Enhancement: David Wolf, treasure for the treasurer.

— Online registrations for the bike tour are well ahead of last year, says Matthew Rich, co-chair of the event, 157 to 92. We are still looking for a few good men and women to staff the event. See Shelly Holden or Rick Estenson if you can help.

— The District and Rotary International are hosting a trip to the West Africa Project Fair, October 3-12, that will include a polio immunization project. Cost is $1,700 per person plus plane fare. See Charlie Cogan for details.

— Andrei Sivanich’s tennis tournament raised $847 for The Key back yard improvements. Scott Wopata said the improvements include 1,500 square feet of artificial turf.

— Northfield Human Rights Commission is promoting the idea of a municipal ID to foster a sense of belonging for those who live here. Mar Valdecantos and Angelica Dietz describe it as a “glorified library card,” but it would signal that the holder has standing in the community. They believe it will lead to a more cohesive community and meet that strong human need to belong.

Happy News:
— Vicky Langer is a grandmother. Baby Ivie Jean was a few days late to the party, but is beautiful.

— Jim Holden fulfilled an elusive lifetime dream of catching Atlantic salmon. He reeled in 10 while fishing the St. Mary’s River in Sault Ste. Marie.

Our 2017-18 outbound students are:
Madison Asp — Finland

Joan Erickson — Argentina

Annika Fisher— South Africa

Bergen Hoff — Czech Republic/Slovakia

Emma Iverson — Spain

Alex Kovach — Japan

Joseph Kreis — Italy

Benjamin (Ben) Mohlke — Brazil

Piper Nelson — Germany

Jenna Olien — South Korea

Jack Overstreet — Brazil

Gregory Pelletier — Argentina

Espen Richardson — Norway

Elizabeth (Betsy) Schuerman — Denmark

Allison (Al) Weise — Thailand

Coming Up

August 31 — Andrew Oftedal, Parks and Trails Council (Prowe and Schulte)

September 7 — Bike Tour Chalk Talk (R&R, Rich and Reese)

September 14 — Superintendent Matt Hillmann, The State of Our Schools (Heineman)

September 21 — Dr. Steve Soderlind, New Book: “Liberty and Laissez Faire”