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Rotary Cogwheel | 03.15.2016

March 15, 2016

Today: The Irish are here: Saint, Scholar and Sinner (O’Neill, O’Collman and O’Madigan)

Birthdays: Rotarians around the globe

Next Week: Ruth Hickey, Ruth’s House of Hope (Caskey)

Last Week:

Carson Hsai must have presented last week on an empty stomach. While introducing us to his homeland of Taiwan, he gave a lot of air time to the foods he is missing. We heard about the “night markets,” sesame chicken, fried chicken, and the legendary bubble milk tea to name a few popular menu items.

Clearly, he is proud of his country. He gave it great reviews. He said it has everything one needs — mountains, seaboard and cherry blossoms, and, of course, the magical night markets. But he acknowledges that it is hot and rains a lot.

Carson’s given name is Hsia-Ho. His father suggested he adopt “Carson” for his exchange experience, a name borrowed from a television character. He thought it would make it easier for Carson to connect with people.

Carson is an only child. His parents are filling the void created by his exchange year by hosting an exchange student from Colombia.

School work consumed a lot of life at home. While preparing for college entrance exams, he spent 14 hours a day on his studies. He did find time to play basketball and sing.

When he returns home, Carson will begin his university studies in Chemical Engineering. He would consider doing graduate work in the United States, and if that does not happen, he will look for opportunities for another American experience.

Taiwan, formally named Formosa (“Beautiful”) by Portuguese traders, has a history of colonial rule, Carson said. Since the 17th century Holland, Spain, China and Japan each claimed the island for a period of time. Now, it is independent democracy, but enjoys an uneasy existence in the shadow of the People’s Republic of China.

Mini Classification:

Pat O’Neill gave us a sampler of today’s program, something about Father O’Malley having problems hailing a cab. I don’t know. It was funnier when he told it. Maybe it was the brogue. At any rate, when he’s not sharing his Irish tales during “open mic” at the local pubs, he helps people see better.

New Members: Dave Stanford, an airline pilot for Delta, and Caitlin Elliot, an attorney with Grundhoefer & Ludescher, were formally admitted to the club.  Matthew Rich sponsored both. Welcome Dave and Caitlin.

Guests: Emma Prichard (Prichard) and Carson’s posse: Julia and Marty Hodel, Thomas Closser, Noah Klein, George Mathis, Caroline Hummel, Yizi Marcal, and Keiko Nishioka.

Scholarship Enhancement:  Rachel Estrella, a complete audit is pending


Due to his Parkinson’s condition, former club member Myron Solid is now living at Three Links. Jim Holden said Myron would benefit from some visitors. Jim wondered if the club shouldn’t create an outreach team to support past and present club members with health issues. 

Rob Martin reported that the depot was lowered onto its new foundation early last week. The roof on the south side is the next project up.

Afton cross-country skier Jessica Diggins, a member of the United States 2014 Winter Olympic Team and someone our club has been following over time, finished in fifth place in the recent Ski Tour Canada.  Her finish in the eight-stage event tied the best ever for an American woman in a major tour.

We will be sharing our district conference with District 5950 this year at Mystic Lake Conference Center, Thursday and Friday, May 12-13.  If you are interested in attending, check out the website at It is a great way to learn more about what Rotary is and does around the world and locally.

Rotary Peace Fellowships are awarded to scholars to pursue a master’s degree in international studies and peace and conflict resolution. A second program, a three-month summer professional development certificate course, is available in Thailand. Candidates must have earned an undergraduate degree and have five years of work or volunteer experience and a demonstrated commitment to peace and service. Rotarians and their family members are not eligible. For more information and application, see the Rotary International website at: or contact Kathy Hughitt at  The process starts with an online application to our club for consideration. The deadline is April 1.

The district would like us to register on its website. Here’s how you do it:

  • Find your Rotary ID number on the label of your Rotary Magazine; 2) Log on to www., click “My Club,” below Rotary International click “Sign in Register,” and click “Create Account. 3) Follow the prompts to complete the questions and your Rotary profile.

Here is a list of this year’s outbound students. Some have already departed.

  • Beimers, Henry – Norway
  • Beimers, William – Brazil
  • Carlson, Samuel -Argentina
  • Estrada, Gabriella – France
  • Hahn, Erin – Thailand
  • Hodel, Christoph – Indonesia
  • Kelley, Caitlin – Chile
  • Lunderby, Jack – Brazil
  • Mandsager, Erik – Zimbabwe
  • Muir, Mason – Taiwan
  • Olson, Josiah – Colombia
  • Regnier, Eli – Brazil
  • Rodriguez-Vazquez, Leslie – Brazil
  • Scheffert, Jenna – Italy
  • Seitz, Zoe – Denmark
  • Washburn Chapman, Ahna Cole – South Africa
  • Woitalla, Jessica – Brazil.

Past Northfield Rotary Club meeting videos on YouTube

Coming Up

March 31 — Marlene Gargulak, Youth Exchange (Cogan)

April 7 — Teresa Jensen, Library remodeling (Madigan)

April 14 — Steve Werle, author of book on Harold Stassen (Kyte)

April 21 — Sarah Van Sickle, Project Friendship (Kaczmarek)

April 28 — Wendy Sivanich, Classification (Estenson)

Quote for the Day:

You must be the change you wish to see in the world. ― Mahatma Gandhi