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Rotary Cogwheel | 03.05.2015

March 4, 2015

Today: Albert Nyembwe, Cilongu Foundation, (Spethmann)

Birthdays: Pat O’Neill (3/5) and Mark Quinnell (3/7)

Next Week: Ken Drivdahl, Life of a Skier and Cyclist (Madigan)

Last Week

Philipy is clearly a great ambassador for his home country of Brasil and a great promoter of all things Brasilian.

He knows of what he speaks. He was born in Itabira, Minas Gerais, Brasil in 1997.

His hometown is known for mining, architecture, coffee and poetry. It was home to Carlos Drummond, who is considered one of the most influential Brasilian poets of the 20th century.

Brasil has 202 million people spread across 8.5 million square kilometers. It is the largest country in South America. The capital is Brasilia. Portuguese is the common language, but it incorporates native Tupi language so it is different from what you would hear in Portugal.

Philipy shared examples of Brasil’s food and wildlife. He noted that avocado is considered a dessert item there, usually mixed with sugar. He shared a dynamic promotional video titled “Why to Come to Brasil,” which featured surfing, boating, fishing, beaches, waterfalls, wildlife, the Amazon, Cities, adventure, soccer, and carnival.

Mini Classification

Mark Quinnell is the quintessential “townie.” Except for a two-month furlough, he has lived all of his life in Northfield. He and his wife, Susan, have two grown children. Emily, 27, a former Rotary Exchange student, lives in Madison, Wis. and works as a child protection officer. Evan, 22, is working with a non-profit in Ecuador, teaching English among other things. They both graduated from St. Olaf College.

Mark has been a State Farm insurance agent in Northfield for 23 years. He took over his father’s agency after his father died. Mark is an Ole, but has high regard for Carleton College. He is a past president of Rotary and remains involved with our youth exchange program.

Guests: It would be easier to list who wasn’t there. Philipy had a huge following.

Scholarship Enhancement: Jim Blaha


— Reminder that the Rotary Clothing Incentive has been extended. Many have taken advantage of it.

— Bob Will reported that Jessie Diggins, who visited the club a while back looking for sponsorship, took second in the Nordic Skiing World Championships in Norway. She is first American woman to ever medal at the World Championships.

— Barry Carlson announced a fundraiser for the Musical Plaza at Way Park will be held at First UCC Church, 300 Union, Saturday, March 7, at 7 p.m. It is called “Jazz and Desserts.”

—There will be a Rotary Women’s Event at Community Resource Bank Sunday, March 15, 11-1. A $15 donation is recommended. Proceeds will go to the skate park. For more information, see Jean Wakely.

— Friends and family will gather Sunday, March 15, 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Northfield Golf Course, 707 Prairie St., remember Ken Bank, former President and CEO of Northfield Hospital & Clinics and a former member of this club.

Past Northfield Rotary Club meeting videos on Youtube: NorthfieldRotaryClubVideos

Coming Up

March 19 — Guilia Mercanti, Inbound Exchange Student (Brown-Wescott)

March 26 — Denny Hanson, President and CEO of Community Resource Bank, Classification (Weber)

April 2 — Kevin Born (R. Lorang)

April 9 — Marcelo, Inbound Exchange Student (Pat and Dawn O’Neill)

April 16 — Beth Berry, TORCH, (Hillmann)