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Rotary Cogwheel | 12.04.2014

December 2, 2014

Today: District Governor DG Karel (Cogan)

Birthdays: Art Monaghan (11/25), Beth Kallestad (11/26), Sam Gett (11/27), Matt Hillmann (11/29), Chris Kennelly (12/1), John Erhresmann (12/4), and Alan Anderson (12/5).

Next Week: President Matthew Rich Promises Something Unconventional

 Last Week: 

Forty-three million Americans suffer from some kind of a sleep disorder. A large percentage of those go undiagnosed. If not treated, sleep disorders can lead to a host of chronic medical problems, from heart attacks and strokes to diabetes and depression.

Stacey Zell, coordinator of the Sleep Center at Northfield Hospital, said the hospital provides “gold standard” sleep studies to aid in the diagnosis of sleep disorders. They perform 500 a year for a wide range of people in a variety of circumstances. The center is staffed by Bryan Hoff, MD, and Gerard O’Halloran, MD. Both are certified in Sleep Medicine. John Noack, DDS, of Professional Drive Dental, also works closely with the center.

“In a small community, we are very fortunate to have two board certified physicians involved,” Stacey said.

The center features two sleep suites that provide a hotel-like experience. Each is tastefully decorated and equipped with comfortable Sleep Number double beds. The suites have private baths and business workstations. They are climate controlled and soundproof with special lighting that can replicate patients’ sleeping conditions at home.

The center monitors sleep patterns in real time. The testing is done over an eight to nine-hour period. Typically, patients arrive at the Sleep Center around eight or nine at night. A sleep study technician arranges the sensors to monitor heart rate, oxygen levels and eye movement while the patient sleeps. The technician monitors them from a workstation outside the sleep suite. Video is used in select circumstances.

Patients are usually able to leave by 5 or 6 a.m. A breakfast bar is available for a quick start to the day. The center also accommodates daytime testing for those who work at night or do shift work, and studies can be done on weekends.

The definition of a “good night’s sleep” is unique to the individual, Stacey said. Most adults need seven to nine hours a night of restful sleep. Most of us get more like 6 ½. If we wake up refreshed, there is no reason to worry.

But untreated sleep apnea can cause problems. Because of obstructed airways, some problem sleepers wake up 20 to 60 times an hour. There are remedies such as CPAP machines and oral appliances.

For more information, go to: or call Stacey at 507-646-1194.


Jim Schlichting grew up on a family farm in southern Minnesota. He earned a degree in Economics and then served in the U.S. Navy. He graduated from law school at Rutgers University and eventually moved back to Minnesota, where he practiced law for 30 years in Albert Lea and then Northfield. He currently serves on the Northfield Hospital & Clinics board of directors.

Guests: Marlene Gargulak, our next district governor (Vicky Dilley), Kathy Jasnoch (Kaczmarek), Jane McWilliams and Kari Nelson, Skateboard Coalition (Conway)

Scholarship Enhancement: Robert Craig

Rotary Moment:

President Rich does not like to do dishes, but Justin Stets does. Somehow — and you will have to ask Mathew how — that relates to the inspiration Mathew receives when he looks out at the membership during our weekly meetings.



— If you have a nomination for this year’s Good Neighbor Award, talk to Erica Zweifel. Nominees who give expression to the Rotary motto “Service Above Self” will be considered. They must be a resident of the Northfield School District. Rotary members and their family members are not eligible. Check our web site for a nomination form. Nominations need to be in by Thursday, Dec. 18. Last year’s award went to Margit Johnson; Zach Pruitt received it the year before that.

— Robert Bierman reported a record 825 online registrations for the Turkey Trot. Stay tuned for today’s full report on how heroic runners and course monitors battled frigid temperatures for charity.

— Jean Wakely reminds us to wear our yellow Rotary T-shirt whenever we are out and about volunteering. We need to pray in public once in a while. It is good advertising for the club.

— Happy News: It was a good week for Rotarians. Peg Prowe survived a heart attack, and Jack Hoschauer survived a motor vehicle rollover. Jan Stevens reported that Wenger Corporation of Owatonna, a manufacturer of performing arts spaces and accessories, has donated $10,000 to the vintage band festival.

Past Northfield Rotary Club meeting videos on Youtube: NorthfieldRotaryClubVideos

Coming Up:

Dec. 18 — Kevin Born and Naomi Mortenson, Environmental Tillage Systems (Lorang)

Dec. 25 — High Holiday Hiatus. See you next year.