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Rotary Cogwheel | 10.16.2014

October 15, 2014

Today: Wokie Daboh, Project Blackboard (Maus)

Birthdays: Rotarians around the world

Next Week: Char Carlson, chair of the Northfield Library Board (B. Carlson)

Last Week:

Northfield Rotary Club’s sterling reputation for its Youth Exchange Program is well-deserved. Since 1969, we have sent or hosted 302 exchange students.

Vicki Dilley reminded us that we have touched many lives with this program. She refers to the students as “ambassadors,” ambassadors for peace, unity, tolerance and understanding. Our commitment to this program is underscored by the heavy involvement of club members in the North Star Division, the combined exchange program for Districts 5950 and 5960. Rick Estenson is the chair-elect, Linda Wilgohs is the treasurer, Karna Halverson is the Responsible Office and others serve as country officers.


Our Exchange Class of 2014-15 – Lydia (Feroe Islands), Guilia (Italy), Philipy (Peru) and Marcelo (Brazil) — took center stage and fielded questions from their counselors. What we learned is we have four very engaging young people in our midst. They became interested in exchange in a variety of ways. Lydia learned about exchange opportunities at age 11, and her dream of travel was reinforced by her gymnastics coach. Philpy’s father was involved in Rotary, so he knew about exchange opportunities. Guilia’s interest was fueled by watching American movies.

They all come with a high level of curiosity and enthusiasm for different cultures and new experiences. Guilia is surprised by how much she has enjoyed American food and a different climate. Lydia said she is looking forward to American holidays. They all commented on how differently the schools are organized. Most are used to being stationed in one room and having teachers rotate in and out.

They have embraced their American high school experience, attending football games and the Homecoming dance. Lydia has participated in gymnastics, Guilia in swimming. Both girls are interested in trying out for the Rock ‘N Roll Revival this winter. Philpy played on the soccer team; Marcelo plans to go out for basketball.

Guilia enjoys classical dance and the theater. Marcelo also enjoys theater. Lydia hopes she can see some of the iconic American landmarks while she is here, such as Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone Park or the Grand Canyon. If some of their interests match yours, invite them along and add to their exchange experience.


Guests: Lisa LaCoursiere (Fenton); Karna Halverson and Tuuli Tuomilehto, an exchange student from Seinajoki, Finland (Halvorson); Pete Carlson (Marcelo); Wendy, Katie and Andrei Sivanich and Steve Braker (Lydia); Shari and David Holman (Philipy); Julie Anderson and Julie Thornton (Guilia); and Marilyn Hanson (V. Dilley).

Scholarship Enhancement: Michelle Lasswell

First Job: Vicky Langer got her Colorado high poolside, working as a swimming instructor and lifeguard during high school. She remembers all of the scenery being pretty mesmerizing.


— Hospitality is forming a “sunshine committee.” Vicky Langer, Hospitality chair, said it will be a vehicle to reach out to club members when there are joys, losses or significant life changes in their world. If you have news to share, please let Vicky Langer know.

— It’s time for updating your membership information on the Membership Directory on our website. Please take time to review your information. If there are changes, use the form provided to submit them to headquarters.

— There is a Rotary Foundation event Saturday, Nov. 1, in Oakdale at the venerable Prom Ballroom. If we send eight or more, we get a discount on registration fees. Let President Matt Rich know if you are interested in attending.

— Russ Halverson will lead new member orientation on Monday, Nov. 10. The location and time is to be determined.

— President Rich invited members to download the club calendar posted on our web site.

— We have responsibility for staffing Thursday’s Table tonight. If you signed up, please be there.

Past Northfield Rotary Club meeting videos on Youtube: NorthfieldRotaryVideos

Coming Up:
Oct. 30 — Sam Daly, Sniffing for Bombs in Afghanistan (Fossum)

Nov. 6 — Jonathan Adams, RESTORE Project Director (V. Dilley)

Nov. 13 — Nick Frohner, Asian Carp (Anderson)

Nov. 20 — Stacey Zell, Northfield Hospital Sleep Center (Schlichting)