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Rotary Cogwheel | 04.17.2014

April 16, 2014

Today: Tami O’Brien, Director of Northfield Hospital’s Cancer Care & Infusion Center (S. Richardson)

Birthdays: Wayne Abdella (4/17) and John Fossum (4/19)

Next Week: Vicki Langer, Classification, (Williams)

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And this news just in: We’re all going to die. And if you really want your affairs in order when the curtain falls, we should all be thinking about advance health care planning, sometimes referred to as “living wills.”

Susan Lohmann, director of Social Services at Northfield Hospital & Clinics, said this planning shouldn’t be left for the end of life. It is something any adult should do now. By writing down your preferences and identifying an advocate should you not be able to speak for yourself, you are giving a gift to your loved ones, who otherwise are left to guess how you would like your last days to go. It can spare you, the patient, unnecessary medical interventions and their associated costs, both financial and human.

Unfortunately, this is an under-utilized process. Many of us are uncomfortable talking about end-of-life care, and we avoid committing our wishes to paper. But as Susan explains, it is the responsible thing to do.

The conversation that precedes completion of the document can be a meaningful experience. The reflection and understanding that comes from articulating your values and beliefs make the exercise valuable.

The major issues to considerare whether or not to resuscitate, whether or not to receive nutrition and be hydrated, whether you want to be in a hospital or at home and what kind of comfort care do you desire.

Advance healthcare planning invites us to accept our mortality, let go and make decisions that will allow us to die with dignity.

For more on this topic, Susan recommends reading “Hard Choices for Loving People” by Hank Dunn. Susan can be reached at


Barry Carlson hails from the Lutefisk Capital of the World, the other Madison, Madison, Minnesota. When he wasn’t soaking cod in lye, he was playing tennis.

He graduated from St. Olaf College with a degree in Social Work and Christian Education. He worked for Lutheran Brotherhood for 23 years before accepting a position as a development officer at St. Olaf. He now spends his time helping students have the great experience he had as an Ole.

He met his wife, Cindy, while working at Lutheran Brotherhood. They have three adult sons. Barry said his claim to fame is having gone toe-to-toe with Edina in the state high school tennis championship his senior year in high school.

Paul Harris Fellowship: Richard Collman was presented with a Paul Harris Fellowship. Dave Brown reminded us that the 50 percent match is now available for those who want to take advantage of it.

Last Week’s Guests: Lynn Miland (Fenton); our students: Yoshino, Gunho, Lucas and Rodolfo.

Scholarship Enhancement: Barry Carlson


David Philips of Cincinnati Strives, a successful job-readiness, job-support initiative, will be our headliner Thursday, May 1, for Invite a Guest to Rotary Day. Members are encouraged to bring a guest that day. The cost of the guest meal will be $5. Be prepared to commit next week, so we can prepare for a surge of guests on May 1.

The board is inviting members to participate in a conversation about a longer term approach to fundraising. A committee is being formed. If you would like to be a member, let President Prichard know. Limited resources constrain our ability to support local service projects, President Prichard said. More funds translate into more projects.

We need a couple of volunteers to transport two high school students to and from Camp RYLA later this month. The camp begins on Friday, April 25 in Hudson, Wis. The students need to be picked up in St. Paul on Tuesday, April 29. To be a volunteer driver, you need to complete the Rotary Child Protection Training, which is available on our web site. If you can help, contact Matt Hillmann.

Jean Wakely needs us to declare our attendance at the May 1 Bon Voyage social/dinner 5 p.m. at Laura Baker School. The cook needs to know how many turkeys to corral for the occasion. We will be hosting a farewell for the visiting Swedish GSE team and a send-off for our district’s GSE team, which will be visiting Sweden.

President Prichard announced that the St. Paul Sunrise Rotary Club will be hosting a seminar on “healthcare affordability” on Thursday, April 24. Former U.S. Senator David Durenberger will be one of the speakers.

Coming Up

May 1 — INVITE A GUEST DAY. David Phillips, Cincinnati Works, (Blaha)
May 8 — Kari Berit, The Unexpected Caregiver, (Pederson)
May 15 – No meeting