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Rotary Cogwheel | 03.13.2014

March 11, 2014

Today: Lucas Coelho, Exchange Student Presentation. (Lasswell and Frago)

Birthdays: Mark Quinnell (3/7), Bob Will (3/8), Jim Herried (3/10) and Yoshino (3/12)

Next Week: Robert Jacobel, Professor of Physics and Climate Scientist, “Climate              Change Research in Polar Regions” (Anderson)

Last Week:

Was I the only one silently humming “Here Comes the Sun” as I listened to Charlie Stark describe his work with All Energy Solar? The company mission is to provide clean energy solutions to residential, commercial, agricultural, and government customers, using solar energy.

Charlie joined All Energy Solar in 2012 after a 37-year career as a software engineer. He was a long-time commuter and was instrumental in forming carpools to save time, gas and money. Because of his promotion of these activities he was awarded the 2008 Commuter of the Year Award from Metro Transit, and in 2012, he received its LifeTime Achievement Award.

All Energy Solar provides a variety of options for converting solar energy into electricity.
They use hot air and thermal (heated water), but more often photo voltaic cells offer the best solution. They have everything from ground mounted tracking systems to roof mounted tilt-up designs. Their systems are built with quality products and with help from grants and rebates offer a six to 10-year payback. With climbing utility rates and a need to protect air quality, Charlie says this is the way to go.

Solar panels were first used 60 years ago to power our early space craft. They have come a long way since then, Charlie said. They now operate at 18.5 percent efficiency and improve 4 to 5 percent every year. For more information, go to:



Carl Caskey is a retired Methodist minister, who moved with his wife, Faye, to Northfield in 2000. He is an Oklahoma farm boy, graduated from Oklahoma State and then Yale Divinity School. He served as a campus minister and parish minister during his career. His last assignment was in Owatonna. He has three children, one of whom lives in Northfield.


Last Week’s Guests: Ron Sommers (Caskey), Melanie Schlomann (Madigan), Peter Haase (Hoschouer), Rachel Woldum, Emily Studel, Matt Irwin, Pat Neily and Wendy Pietch (Amerman); and Pat Neily (Covey)

Scholarship Enhancement: Dave Brown


Representatives of The Key were there to receive a $1,500 check from Rotary, the last of $4,000 raised last summer at “Keyfest,” a music concert co-produced by Rotary and The Key. Beyond the financial aid to The Key, everyone agreed there was value to the intergenerational experience of jointly planning and executing an event of this scope. Our thanks go to Missi Arens and Nancy Amerman for working closely with The Key on this project.


Volunteers are needed to help with Beyond Words to be held at Sibley Elementary School on Thursday, April 3, from 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm.  The Beyond Words event is a celebration of art and literacy.  All Sibley students will have work displayed. Volunteers are needed to help guide student projects.  In addition to all the displays and activities, attendees may purchase a pasta dinner and bid on silent auction gift baskets.  Please contact Chris Weber if you can volunteer.

We will be hosting a Group Study Exchange (GSE) team from Sweden April 30-May 3. We will need host families and other support for this visit. If you can help, contact Lee Dilley.

President Prichard encouraged a club member to attend one of Rotary’s two upcoming seminars on grant management. One is Saturday, March 15, at the Family Means Center in Stillwater and the other is Thursday, April 24, at the Schwann Center in Blaine. Each club must send a club representative to a GMS each year. Attending will qualify your club to be eligible for Rotary Foundation grants.

Our District conference is scheduled for Thursday, April 24, through Saturday, April 26. Details are on the district website.

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March 27 — TBA