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Rotary Cogwheel | 06.13.2013

June 12, 2013

Today: Bob Showers, author of “Twins At The Met.” (Ophaug)

Birthdays: Bob Kuyper (6/15)

Next Week: Zach Mitchell, returning exchange student (V. Dilley)

Last Week: 

Lin Bruce has found both physical and spiritual renewal in each of the 16,000 miles she has logged on her bike in the last 14 years. It’s been, in large part, a journey of self-discovery.

She marked her 60th birthday with a cross-country ride from San Diego to Florida and she hasn’t stopped yet. She’s biked from Washington State to North Dakota; from Fargo to Bar Harbor, Maine; Northfield to Cheyenne, Wyoming for a 50th high school reunion; Virginia to Oregon; around the British Isles and down the Pacific Coast, a ride that had her teetering on the edge of the continent. Each ride provided her an intimate look at great landscapes, the challenge of scaling formidable hills and an education in will power and self-motivation.

“I’m a very ordinary person,” Lin said. “I’m not very athletic, but I’ve just figured out that if I sit on a bicycle and pedal, I get to wear I need to go.”

Each trip comes with anxiety. Lin loses sleep prior to a ride and wonders if her passionate pursuit is frivolous.  But in the end, she honors her commitment to herself, takes a leap of faith and goes. The physical activity makes her feel as if she is “living life full-out.” It has taught her to be in the moment and to not look too far down the road. It’s life “one day at a time.”

Lin’s next adventure is a counter clockwise ride around Lake Superior from Duluth to Duluth. May the wind be at her back.

Mini Classification

Peg Prowe grew up in Kansas, the oldest of four children. She taught physical education at Carleton College for 26 years. It was there that she met her husband, Diethelm Prowe. They raised two children in Northfield.

Peggy served on the Northfield City Council for 10 years. In 1994, Pete Stolley, then the city administrator, invited her to join Rotary to help with the bike tour and she has been with us ever since. She finds her involvement with the club rewarding on many levels. She even recites the club roster to ease her into slumber.

Paul Harris Fellowships: Fellowships were awarded to Jane Fenton and Rich

 Presentation: A check for $20,000 was presented to Mill Towns Trail for work on trail development. Gene Enders, treasurer for Mill Towns Trail, received the check and thanked the club for its support.

Last Week Guests: Adnan (Fenton), Laura Graber (V. Dilley), Logan Regnier, one of this year’s high school scholarship recipients, and Bill Talen (Fenton), Ruth Crane (Crane), Teresa Jensen (Madigan), and Gene Enders (Zayas)

Scholarship Enhancement: Richard Maus


  • A 5K run will be held in Red Wing Saturday, June 15, to raise money for the Goodhue Pioneer Bike Trail that runs from Red Wing to Pine Island. Rich Lorang is running in it and invites others to join him.
  • Jim Prichard, our incoming president, organized a planning session for yesterday. We may hear more about that today.
  • If you want to fight polio by watching the Minnesota Twins, District 5960 is offering tickets for Saturday, Aug. 3 at Target Field. The deadline for sign up is July 2. If you are interested, go to the district website at
  • Thank you for the Marston Headley Service Above Self nominations. You’ve give the committee good material to work with.

Coming Up:

June 27 — Lonna Lyne, Rotary Fellowship Exchange to Turkey (V. Dilley)

July 4 — Holiday. Enjoy the Fireworks

July 11 — Rick Ornsby, Faribault Rotary Club’s service project